Tuesday, July 15, 2014

California Trip Day 3 Part 1- California Adventure

I had done my research so I had a plan of attack for California Adventure.  It was Sunday so it was an Extra Magic morning.  We were at the gate at 6:30 and the park opened at 7.  We were the first people in line.

 However, our main gates weren't letting us in the park.  Main Gates (the passes where you get guests in) was blacked out that day, however the Hub said that self-admission was still allowed.  But they wouldn't let us in since WDW cast members have to use their main gates to get themselves in (self-admission).  I had called before our trip to make sure that we were going to be able to get in and I was assured that we were.  So this really pissed me off.  Luckily Kory had some comps we could use but it really put a bad taste in my mouth and I was in a foul mood for the first part of the morning.

By the time we finally got in the park, it was 7:30 and my plan was ruined.  We booked it over to Radiator Springs.  The wait was about 20 minutes.  Not horrible, but not the 5 I had planned.  Still so worth it though!  Such a great ride!

Then we headed over to Toy Story Mania where there was no wait!  And I beat Kory!

Up next was California Screamin' which Kory really enjoyed

And then Tower of Terror

We got in line to get another FastPass for Radiator Springs and then headed to Flo's V-8 Cafe.  I was excited for the Brioche French Toast which was baked and served with Salted Caramel Sauce and Bananas.

Unfortunately, I was a little disappointed.  The bananas should have been cooked a little more and cut up.  Kory got the Chicken Tamale Breakfast which was a chicken tamale, scrambled eggs, salsa verde, and pico de gallo. He enjoyed his.

We finished up Cars Land with Luigi's Flying Tires

And Mater's Junkyard Jamboree

Then we headed back into the Paradise Pier area and did the Golden Zephyr

Along with Jumpin' Jellyfish, Goofy's Sky School, and Mickey's Fun Wheel (the swinging one!).

Then we went back over to Radiator Springs to use our Fast Passes.

I was hot so we used the handy-dandy California Adventure entrance to run up to our room so I could change into a tank top.  Once back in the park, we did a little of the Redwood Creek Challenge Trail (the playground-ish ropes part) and then on the way out, I had to stop for a picture with Dug!

We rode Soarin' (we had grabbed at Fast Pass at some point but I don't remember when) and then we went to see the Aladdin show.  It's such a great show!!

We saw some characters from The Incredibles walking by so I had to snap a picture!

I was hungry so we went to The Cove Bar and got in line.  The wait was really long!  But after 5 minutes, the hostess asked if anyone in line wanted the table that was completely in the sun.  No one in front of us wanted it, and the sun sure didn't bother us so we took it.  We split the Lobster Nachos (Tender lobster pieces atop fresh corn tortilla chips, beans, Pico de Gallo, Serrano Peppers, cilantro, Chipotle Crema, and jack and cheddar cheeses...although we asked for the serrano peppers to be on the side).  These were one of my favorite meals of the whole trip.  I am craving them just thinking about them!

We went back to Carsland so I could grab some Dill Pickle popcorn at the Crazy Cone Motel (it was working this trip!  Yay!) and I had to take a picture of Mater.

Kory went to Guest Services to complain more about the whole Main Gate situation, but they couldn't have cared less.  I watched this cute street show that was similar to the Newsies.

Then we went in the Animation Area. We went in the Beast's Library.  I completely forgot which princess I got and apparently, I forgot to take a picture or I deleted them.  Good thing I kept Kory's.

We saw Turtle Talk with Crush and there was a neat stop motion display that Kory found fascinating.  On the way out, I had to stop for a picture with one of my favorite sayings.  One day I WILL have professional photography done and this will be one of the areas.

We walked outside and I saw this archway so you know I had to take a picture!

We had timed it perfectly.  The parade was about to start and we had a perfect corner spot!

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