Wednesday, July 30, 2014

Arizona Trip- Day 2

We got up and headed out early.  First we had to make a pit stop at Starbucks.

Kory got a mocha cookie crumble (he NEVER drinks coffee so not sure what was up with this). I've been ordering off a secret menu list so I got a chocolate chip cookie dough frapp and a chocolate croissant.  Yum!

Then we took off for Arizona.  The drive was about 7 hours I think.

Goodbye Colorado

Hello Utah

I kept saying that everything looked like it was from the Cars movie :) (yes, I am a Disney freak)

We stopped in Moab for lunch at Peace Tree Cafe.

It was very...hippie ish.

I had the classic bagel with cheddar cheese and ham.  It was pretty good.

I had my usual Coke, but it came in a glass bottle.  Spiffy.  And our waiter was interesting.  He was lecturing us about our water intake.  If only he knew I hardly drink any water!

Back on the road again.

Look!  It's a....

 I forget what this one was called but it was an archway.

The Mexican Hat

Since everything had names, I dubbed this one the Frozen Fortress.

Monument Valley

Somewhere along the way we stopped at McDonalds for a bathroom break and I got a cheeseburger.  Then we hit up a Sonic which had terrible service.  I got a strawberry cream slush but it took us forever to get our drinks.

Hello Arizona!

Kory was very excited to see the power plant since it meant we were close to Page.  And proceeded to tell us about the cool field trip he went on there when he was little (not my idea of a fun field trip, but whatever floats his boat)

Kory was born in Page and lived there until middle school.  He took us by his old house.  It was neat to see where he grew up (I knew this was a TINY town so I wasn't surprised this time).

We made a stop at Safeway to stock up on food and supplies.  Kim had ordered a birthday cake for Kory & Kyle but they had dropped the order paper and didn't see it.  So we had to wait while they made it (well, really just iced one already made).  There should have been guest service recovery of some type but they didn't seem to care (That's why Publix rocks!)  At least they spelled Kory's name right!

Driving over the Glen Canyon Dam

We soon arrived to our house for the week.  And this was the backyard.  Gorgeous view of  Lake Powell!

There were lots of cute jackrabbits everywhere!

This little guy below had a rough day.  He was laying down on the ground like he was passed out!  (and yes, he was fine...he got up and hopped away shortly after.)

The guys grilled out for dinner and we celebrated Kory & Kyle's 36th birthday (Man, he's getting old!  :)  )

Kory got himself and Kyle these tees.  Sums them up quite nicely

We played some drinking games (the first of many that week!)  A great start to a great week!

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