Sunday, June 28, 2015

Weekly Recap- June 22-28, 2015


My mom and I did a little shopping and had lunch out before Kory and I drove back home.

Tuesday--2 miles in 17:14  Marathons training week 3 day 1. Mile 1: 8:36, Mile 2: 8:40, Average Pace: 8:38

I worked at the ride and then Kory and had dinner at Chipotle because it was Buy One, Get One for cast members.  I have never seen the place so crazy!!


I attended a blogger event a Jamba Juice.  It was so nice to get to check out and sample of these delicious and healthy drinks.  I can't wait to stop by more often!

Thursday--3 miles in 29:35 Marathons training week 3 day 2. Mile 1: 9:50, Mile 2: 9:45, Mile 3: 9:57, Average Pace: 9:51


I went to a Moms Run This Town dinner at Agave Azul.

Mmmm...margaritas and guac!

Then Faith, Heather and I went to the Pharmacy--this little speakeasy that's hard to find!

Their drinks were super strong, and in my opinion, of the manly type.

Saturday--4 miles in 55:16 Marathons training week 3 day 3 part 1. Ran with a group of friends today. So nice to catch up! Mile 1: 12:32, Mile 2: 13:01, Mile 3: 14:39, Mile 4: 14:44, Average Pace: 13:45.  Then 3 miles in 31:45 Marathons training week 3 day 3 part 2.. Faith and I headed back out on the trail for 3 more hot miles. Mile 1: 10:23, Mile 2: 10:47, Mile 3: 10:34, Average Pace: 10:35

I went to a Yelp event at the Crooked Can.  It was so fun to take a tour of the brewery and sample the beer.

The later that afternoon, Faith, Ava Joy and I went to the park and then hit up Walmart for race clothes for the Four on the 4th.

Sunday--3 miles in 27:47  Marathons training week 3 day 4. Mile 1: 9:24, Mile 2: 9:15, Mile 3: 9:07, Average Pace: 9:16

Kory and I made it a day of new places for meals.  We had Village Inn for lunch and then this great new gourmet grilled cheese place near us called 33 & Melt.

Total miles this week: 15
Total miles in 2015: 379.96
Total miles: 1986.4

2,015 in 2015 miles: 1121.63

Thursday, June 25, 2015

Paramount Fine Foods

When Meghan invited me to come along with her for the ribbon cutting ceremony for the grand opening of Paramount Fine Foods, I had to admit that I had never heard of them.  She told me it was Lebanese food (Mediterranean food).  I hadn't really had it before, but I was up for trying anything.  And I was oh so pleasantly surprised!!

Paramount Fine Foods is located at I-Drive 360 (and if you're like me and worry about parking, don't--there's a free parking garage right there!)

We walked in and had our picture taken while we took in the restaurant.

It's truly gorgeous in there!

There was lots of mingling and mango and strawberry juices were passed around.  They were sooo yummy!

One thing I immediately noticed is that while they had Lebanese & Mediterranean food, they also had what I called picky-people friendly food.  There's really something for everyone.

After looking around a bit, we heard from some speakers.

  I learned that this was the first Paramount Fine Foods to open in the US, having several restaurants in Canada.  Then they cut the ribbon!

We got to try lots of yummy food!

My favorite was the falafel.  To me, it tasted like deep fried hummus with that yummy tahini sauce.  It was freshly made right there in front of us and we miiiight have gone back for seconds.

The presentations of the food was gorgeous!

We tried so many different things like Tabbouleh, hummus, Kafta, Moutabbal, and several desserts including this one amazing one where it looked like a puff pastry and when you bit into it, it was like there was honey in it.  Sooo good and so unique!!

I really want to go back to try more of their foods--the Mixed Combo Family Platter is calling my name.  Anyone want to join me??

Monday, June 22, 2015

Weekly Recap- June 15-21, 2015

Happy Father's Day (well, a day late now!) to all the dads out there!


Kory and I went to Typhoon Lagoon.  We only rode two slides and spent the rest of the time in the wave pool and lazy river.  It was sooo nice!

I attended a blogger event with Meghan at Marlow's Tavern later that evening.

Tuesday--4 miles in 40:43  Marathons training week 2 day 2. Ran 2.5 miles then did 3:1s Mile 1: 9:50, Mile 2: 9:40, Mile 3: 11:10, Mile 4: 9:59, Average Pace: 10:10

I worked in Tour Guide and was trained on the new spiel at the Great Movie Ride.

Meghan and I attended a ribbon cutting ceremony at Paramount Fine Foods.

Wednesday-- rest

I finished Tour Guide and Gangster training at the ride.

Thursday--5 miles in 50:34 Marathons training week 2 day 3. Ran 3.15 miles/31 mins then did 3:1s. So hot!! Mile 1: 10:09, Mile 2: 9:51, Mile 3: 9:52, Mile 4: 10:32, Mile 5: 10:09, Average Pace: 10:06

Kory and I went to dinner at 'Ohana with Chelsea and Bob.

Then we went to Trader Sam's.


I met up with a bunch of ladies for happy hour at Firebirds.

Then we went to a Meet & Make


Sunday-- 6 miles in 1:03:59 Marathons training week 2 day 4. Ran 32 mins then did 3:1. Mile 1: 10:15, Mile 2: 10:06, Mile 3: 10:12, Mile 4: 11:27, Mile 5: 11:05, Mile 6: 10:54, Average Pace: 10:40

Kory and I drove home to OP to celebrate Father's Day with my family.  We enjoyed dinner at Cap's on the Water.

(Oh and it was also National Wear Your Lilly Day)

Total miles this week: 15
Total miles in 2015: 364.96
Total miles: 1971.4

2,015 in 2015 miles: 1082.97

Thursday, June 18, 2015

Marlow's Tavern in Waterford Lakes

On  Monday night, I was fortunate to be able to attend an event at the new Marlow's Tavern in Waterford Lakes!

I learned so much about this great new restaurant.  The thing that stuck out the most is that it is completely community oriented--so much so that there is no closing time posted on the hours.  They want their guests to feel welcome and not rushed to leave.  They also partner with local charities--for their grand opening, they raised money for Second Harvest Food Bank of Central Florida. They also have a small freezer which means that they're always using fresh foods to cook.

They have lots of Specials and Celebrations:
~Daily Happy Hour from 4pm-7pm with $3 Domestic Drafts, $4 Glasses of Select Wines, and $4 Premium Wells
~Girls Night Out Specials: Wednesdays from 5pm to close there are $5 Martini and Appetizer Specials
~Live Entertainment: Wednesdays and Saturdays starting at 7pm
~Save the Date: Summer Celebration July 13-19

We got to try lots of the yummy foods!

We were greeted with a choice of a drink.  I chose the Grapefruit Ricky, extra sweet.

It was so good that I had 2 of them!

First up, the appetizers!

These Shrimp & Crab "Nachos" were my favorite appetizer!  At first I was cautious because there were jalapenos in it and I don't do spicy--but I just picked them out and they were oh so good!

These Asparagus Fries were also delicious!  I love asparagus and anything fried just makes it taste better so this was right up my alley!

And J.T.'s Kettle Chips---you can go wrong with loaded potato chips!

Next up, the entrees

This Shrimp and White Cheddar Grit Cake was my favorite item all night.  I'm not a huge grits fan.  But the white cheddar in them made them so tasty!

The tavern burger was classic and the fries were cooked just right.

The chicken stack was unique in that the "noodles" in the Carbonara was actually made out of veggies!  Yum!

Finally, it was dessert time!

Classic Creme Brulee!  I was so excited to see this dessert! (I had previously tried to order it in the past week at other restaurants and struck out each time)  The "creme" part was perfectly creamy and the "brulee" was just the right amount of crispy!

If you're thinking of checking out a restaurant and you're in the Waterford Lakes area, head over to Marlow's Tavern!

Tuesday, June 16, 2015

Weekly Recap- June 8-14, 2015

Yikes!  I slacked off again on doing my re-cap.  Sorry!


Tuesday--2 miles in 19:05.  Marathons training week 1 day 2. Mile 1: 9:37, Mile 2: 9:26, Average Pace: 9:32.


I had inservice classes for work.  So boring but at least it was done and over with and I could enjoy my summer!

Kory and I went to Trader Sam's after dinner.  Lots of fun and lots to drink.


It was our 4 year wedding anniversary.  Aww

We headed to Epcot for a trip around the world (and so I could wear my Happily Ever After tank and get an anniversary button!)

We went to the Chef's Table for dinner.

It was really good!  (the only disappointment was that I had booked the reservation because they had banana creme brulee for dessert, both on the menu online and several of my friends had told me I had to try it.  But they didn't serve it that night.)

Friday--3 miles in 29:03 Marathons training week 1 day 3. Mile 1: 10:03, Mile 2: 9:41, Mile 3: 9:19, Average Pace: 9:41

I had to go downtown to get my recertification for teaching.  I totally procrastinated on doing it.  Oops!

It was a great mail day.  I got my gift from my Pixie Dust Pal

I also got my June Stridebox.

~Action Wipes- Body Wipe- Large
~Kate's- Energy Bar- Stash Bar
~Skratch- Fruit Drops Energy Chews- Raspberry
~E-Hydrate- Energy Gel- 2 Flavors
~Mestrength- Performance Hydration Mix
~Ruby's Lube- All-Natural Anti-Chafe
~ Quick Dry Microfiber Sport Towel


Heather, Chase and I went to an early preview of Inside Out, thanks to the Disney Parks Blog.

It was a lot cuter than I thought it would be!

Kory and I had dinner at Pei Wei and then I got Menchies.  Yum!

Sunday-- 3 miles in 29:05 Marathons training week 2 day 1. Mile 1: 9:57, Mile 2: 9:41, Mile 3: 9:25, Average Pace: 9:41

Kory and I went to see Jurassic World then had dinner at Buffalo Wild Wings.

I enjoyed the movie!

Total miles this week: 8
Total miles in 2015: 349.96
Total miles: 1956.4

2,015 in 2015 miles: 1041.97