Wednesday, November 27, 2013

September Villains Weekend--Sunday Funday

The last of the major events we had planned was a special event private breakfast at the Backstage Propshop at Hollywood Studios.

Pictures by Regina Hyman Photography

(oh the dreaded hat)

But first we had a ride through at Toy Story Mania.

 Then it was time for breakfast!

The venue was so neat!  We had so much fun wandering around looking at all of the props


 These are my photos below.  The food!  There was so much! There was fruit and pastries

Eggs and potatoes

Bacon and sausage

 French toast sticks, and my favorite--Mickey waffles!

 There was also a special juice (I think it was called Jungle Juice) that we ordered along with other juices, coffee, and milk.  It was so good! 

And  I had to have a picture of me with an Oscar (my GMR roots)

Back to pictures by Regina--- we have to have the funny group shot

And the whole group! 

We headed back out, sad to leave (I should say sad to leave the event.  I'd be back to work in a couple of days).

And of course Kory had to be funny behind the Streetmosphere.

 Later on we met back up for our last dinner together at Yachtman's Steakhouse.  So yummy!

I started off with a specialty drink (I don't remember what it was though--that's what I get for taking so long to write my posts!  But it was really good!)

I had the lobster bisque..the chunks were huge!

And the steak with the blue cheese butter and twice baked potato.  There was also a little thing of buttered popcorn grits.  We all know my obsession with popcorn so I had to ask to try some.  It amazing tasted just like buttered popcorn!  It was so good but so rich that I couldn't finish the whole thing!

Since it was Jennifer and Charley's anniversary, the restaurant brought us out 2 of these special dessert trays.

And I had to order the crème brulee!!

It was a great way to end the weekend but I was sad that everyone had to go.  Hopefully we can plan another one in the not-so-distant future!

Sunday, November 24, 2013

Weekly Recap- November 18-24

So this was my most weekly running miles that I've ever run.  My body is definitely feeling it.  I'm glad I decided to drop the third weekly run.  I don't think I could handle that extra day.  Today's 18 miler definitely felt better than last week's 17 miler.  And it was almost 10 minutes FASTER too!  The weather was cooler, and I didn't have any major pain.  My knee and heel only hurt sporadically.  Around mile 11 I had weird pain in my second toe, all the way down to the bottom of my foot.  It hurt for a few miles then off and on.  Not really sure what that was.  But I ran the whole thing doing my 2:1 intervals.  I didn't have to drop down to extra walking, which I was proud of.  Still don't see how I'm going to do 8 more miles though!

Tuesday- 5 miles in 52:37 (Mile 1: 9:38, Mile 2: 10:56, Mile 3: 10:44, Mile 4: 11:05, Mile 5: 10:15, average pace: 10:32)

Thursday- 8 miles in 1:26:32 (Mile 1: 9:20, Mile 2: 10:50, Mile 3: 11:02, Mile 4: 11:08, Mile 5: 10:58, Mile 6: 11:09, Mile 7: 11:03, Mile 8: 11:02, average pace: 10:49)

Sunday-18 miles in 3:27:06 (Mile 1: 10:45, Mile 2: 11:15, Mile 3: 11:43, Mile 4: 11:25, Mile 5: 11:26, Mile 6: 11:19, Mile 7: 11:45, Mile 8: 11:25, Mile 9: 11:44, Mile 10: 11:54, Mile 11: 11:47, Mile 12: 11:42, Mile 13: 11:40, Mile 14: 11:31, Mile 15: 11:12, Mile 16: 11:23, Mile 17: 11:42, Mile 18: 11:28, average pace: 11:30)

Total miles this week: 31
Total miles in 2013: 556.62
Total miles: 982.11

Saturday, November 23, 2013

September Villains Weekend--Grand 1 Yacht

Saturday night we had another special event planned--a cruise on the Grand 1 Yacht to watch the Wishes fireworks!  I was so excited!  I never thought I'd have a chance to go and here we were!

I had called earlier in the week to verify times.  But when we showed up, there was no one else around and no one in the booth.  I was a little panicky and was walking back up the front desk when my friends called and told me they had shown up.  I was given the wrong time.  Oh well!

Melissa had ordered us these cute glowing bows and necklaces--love it!

Oh and swords for the boys that made clinking sounds.  The boys had way too much fun with them.

 It was Jennifer and Charley's 2 year Anniversary so we had some surprises in store for them.

Some views inside the yacht.

And then up top...

We had a special cake for Jennifer and Charley.

 Sailing away from the Grand Floridian

 And past the Magic Kingdom

 We motored around for a bit and enjoyed our specialty drinks that we had ordered. I couldn't for the life of me remember what I had ordered but I loved it!

Silly Paul

The water parade...we had a discussion about our enjoyment (or in my case, non-enjoyment) of it


Then we parked and watched the fireworks.  The boat had the music coming from the speakers and it was a fantastic viewing location.

 SO much fun!

Then it was sadly time to return to the Grand Floridian.  But we had such a blast.  It was definitely worth it and I could see it being a great event for just a couple to do by themselves too!