Monday, June 30, 2014

Weekly Recap- June 23-29, 2014

So I'm feeling better, mentally about running.  My times are coming down a little bit.  However, my leg pain is back I think.  And in both legs.  The spot on my right leg (where my injury was last time) is a little big below where the pain was before (although the whole injury ranged 10 cm).  On my left leg, its a little bit above my ankle on the bone.  It's not excruciating and I can hop on each foot by itself with absolutely no pain.  I'm really not sure what to do.  I took so much time off.  I went back to shoes that I loved and didn't give me problems (well, it gave me achilles problems but not tibia problems).  I've been stretching.  Do I take more time off?  If so, how much if almost 6 months didn't work (well, the three races in the 6 months but then 3 months of straight time off)?  I feel like maybe I should find another doctor to see if the diagnosis was wrong but even then, what treatment would change?  Grr!

Tuesday-- 3 miles in 32:04 (Mile 1: 10:33, Mile 2: 10:52, Mile 3: 10:42, Average Pace: 10:42)
Friday-- 4 miles 42:36 (Mile 1: 10:17, Mile 2: 10:38, Mile 3: 10:45, Mile 4: 10:55, Average Pace: 10:39)
Sunday-- 5 miles in 54:17 (Mile 1: 10:22, Mile 2: 10:52, Mile 3: 10:50, Mile 4: 11:14, Mile 5: 11:02, Average Pace: 10:52)

Total Miles this week: 12
Total Miles in 2014: 81.09
Total miles: 1149.08

Sunday, June 22, 2014

Weekly Recap- June 16-22, 2014

Well, this was my first full week back.  I'm still struggling with the shorter runs, which annoys me.  Before I got injured, I was feeling pretty comfy with the shorter runs.  So I planned on upping my intervals from 2:1s to 3:1s after the marathon.  So I figured that's what I'd start with now.  Ugh.  Not so smart.  I was exhausted and a little nauseous after some of them.  So for this last 3 miler, I dropped back to 2:1s.  It was still really hard (way harder than it should be) but I didn't feel sick.  My time stunk though.  It's so frustrating.  And I'm having some leg pain.  But it's kind of phantom.  Meaning, I'll be sitting here and all of sudden, ow, it'll ache.  But when I go to press to find the spot, I can't!  I sure hope I'm just being paranoid and that its not that my injury is still there!

Monday-- 3 miles in 32:05 (Mile 1: 10:48, Mile 2: 10:56, Mile 3: 10:22, average pace: 10:42)
Wednesday-- 4 miles in 43:57 (Mile 1: 10:49, Mile 2: 10:45, Mile 3: 11:06, Mile 4: 11:16, Average Pace: 10:59)
Saturday-- 3 miles in 32:55 (Mile 1: 10:52, Mile 2: 11:04, Mile 3: 11:01, average pace: 10:59)

Total miles this week-- 10
Total miles in 2014--69.09
Total miles--1137.08

Monday, June 16, 2014

Weekly Recap- June 9-15, 2014's been a loooong time since I've written one of these!  So glad to be running again!  My legs are feeling okay.  My right calf muscle (same leg as injury) is hurting some like there is a knot.  I need to work it out.  But I can't believe how hard a 3 miler feels now!  When I had to stop running, 3 miles was a walk in the park!

There's too much to update on but it's summer time!  Yay!  The hubby and I just got back from a trip to Los Angeles for a friend's wedding and we had to spend a couple days a Disneyland too!

Thursday--1 mile in 10:15
Saturday--2 miles in 21:45 (Mile 1: 10:49, Mile 2: 10:43, average pace: 10:47)

Total miles this week--3
Total Miles in 2014-- 59.09
Total  Miles--1127.08

Sunday, June 15, 2014

Best Damn Race-Orlando

Still trying to catch up here!

So I was supposed to run the Best Damn Race Orlando on March 1 and I was so excited since I am ambassador for the race series.

I helped out at packet pickup the night before.  It was fun to be on the other end of things!

 Unfortunately, I was still hurting from Princess weekend.  The doctor said I wasn't supposed to be running and I toyed with dropping down to a 5k but after talking to friends and the race director, I decided it just wasn't worth it.

So I volunteered instead.  This would be my first time volunteering at a race and I helped out at bag check.  I had no idea it would be mentally tough.  Waaah Waah.  I know.  But it was so hard to be helping out knowing that I should be out there running.  I saw so many friends come through to check their bags and saw everyone  having such a great time.  I think it's probably different when you choose to volunteer a race from the beginning, but when you have to do it because of an injury--that  just sucks.

The race looked and sounded like a blast!  I heard so many people get PRs.  And they have a PR bell that you can ring if you do get one!!  Next year I WILL be ringing that bell!  The expo was pretty cool and free beer at the end---I will be looking forward to that part too! And check out this medal!

I can't wait until next year's race to run with this group!

Oh, yeah...if you're interested in running any of the Best Damn Races--Cape Coral, Safety Harbor or Orlando, you can use code AHOWELL to get $5 off any race!!

Saturday, June 14, 2014

Giveaway Winner- Crazy Compression Socks

Congratulations to

Arena T.

 for winning a pair of Crazy Compression socks of her choice!!! (except for the custom ones)

 Arena, email me at onceuponarun (at) hotmail (dot) com by Monday at 11 pm and I'll get you your info for your Crazy Compression!!