Sunday, August 17, 2014

Weekly Recap- August 11-17

This week I started running before work with a group of friends.  It makes running a lot more fun but I'm not sure I can keep doing it because I'm having to get up at 4:30am and its making me exhausted !  On Tuesday, I ran the whole 3 miles (although slower than my normal pace) but it was nice knowing I could do it!  Yesterday I ran the Celebration of Running 5k in 30:19 with a pace of 9:45!  I was 34 seconds off a PR but I was happy with the pace!

Tuesday--3 miles in 32:59 (Mile 1: 10:56, Mile 2: 11:20, Mile 3: 10:41, Average Pace: 10:59)

Thursday--4 miles in 46.08 (Mile 1: 10:55, Mile 2: 11:51, Mile 3: 12:33, Mile 4: 10:44, Average Pace: 11:31)

Saturday--Celebration of Running 5k in 30:19 (Mile 1: 9:12, Mile 2: 9:43, Mile 3: 10:14, Mile 3-3.1: 8:35, Average Pace: 9:45)

Sunday-ab workout that supposed to be similar to P90X Ab Ripper (and who knew it could make your legs ache too??)

Total miles this week: 10.1
Total miles in 2014: 134.19
Total miles: 1202.18


  1. How is your leg doing? It looks like you're getting some good solid miles in!

    1. it's pretty tight & a little achey after a short run but goes away. But after long runs its pretty achey and I can feel a spot when I press on my bones that hurts. How are you feeling?