Friday, August 22, 2014

Arizona Trip- Day 7

Friday was our last full day in Arizona.  We slept in some, then got up and headed to Horseshoe Bend.  This was a little bit more of a hike but not much.

Horeshoe Bend is GORGEOUS but SCARY!  You are literally right on the edge.  And the Bucks told us that several people have fallen off and died there.  Yikes!

I love Rob's photobomb!! 

We went back to the house and played some card games for a while then went to dinner at Bonkers.  Kory and I shared the Cheesy Waffle fries for an appetizer

For an entree I had a caesar salad

and Chicken Piccata with Alfredo Pasta.

  It was sooo good but I was sooo full!  If we had been staying longer, I so would have taken it home for leftovers.

When we got home, we went out on the back deck and talked.  The stars were absolutely breathtaking.  I have never in my life seen so many stars so clearly.  It was simply amazing.  I tried to take a picture but nothing came up.  It was the perfect end to the week!

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