Wednesday, August 20, 2014

Race #49- Celebration of Running 5k

I'd been looking forward to this race.  I love racing and except for the 4 miler on the 4th of July, it'd been awhile since I'd done one!

I wasn't feeling too hot the morning of the race and only got about 3 hours of sleep the night before.  But I met up with a bunch of friends who took my mind off of it, and once I started to run, I felt fine.

I met up with Meghan (Meghan on the Move), Pam, and Carla beforehand.

Meghan and I also met up with some fellow Fit2Run Ambassadors!

We lined up and got ready to run!  It amazes me that I still get butterflies at the start of 5ks! (although I do remember when I used to be nervous for days before!)

The Thursday before the race, I had run 16 mins before starting my run/walk intervals so I did 17 minutes during the race.  When I looked down at my Garmin, I realized my first mile was a 9:12 pace!  The fastest mile I think I've ever run in a race (except for the one miler I did).  I debated going for longer than 17 minutes but I wanted to finish strong.  I did 3:1 intervals until the end!

I wasn't sure how I'd feel since my training times haven't been great.  My 5k PR was 29:44 and I wasn't shooting for that.  I finished in 30:19.  And my pace was 9:45 so not too shabby!

I finished 727 out of 2360 runners, so top third.  For the women's group, I got 274 out of 1458 and for my women's age group, I finished 45 out of 208.  So top quarter for both!

This 5k was fun to run!  There was quite a bit of shade.  Plus there's a medal! (which you don't always get for a 5k)

And you get a free beer and Krispy Kreme was there handing out donuts!

I had fun and look forward to doing it next year!

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