Tuesday, August 12, 2014

July Stridebox

When I opened my mailbox today, my July Stridebox was here!  I love finding packages in my mailbox...its like Christmas morning!

This month we have Hammer- Recoverite- Vanilla
LockLaces- Reflective
SportLegs- Lactate Supplement
MRM- Hydration Factor- Natural Citrus
Run the Day Sticker
PowerICE- Frozen Hydration- Pomegranite Raspberry Rip
PowerBar- Performance Energy Wafer
2nd Surge- Ultra Energy Gel- Pina Colada

I'm most excited about the PowerICE (perfect for after hot runs!) and the PowerBar Wafer (It reminds me of treats I used to have as a kid!)


  1. I'm getting into subscription boxes now and I would love to try a running one! Do you find the Stride Boxes to be worth it?

    1. I do! I like trying the different things. And they usually have one non-food product. In the summer, they've had these water bottles that I love! This time was lock laces.