Monday, August 11, 2014

Painting With a Twist

I've always wanted to do one of those classes where you paint a picture and drink wine.  Everyone's pictures seem to come out so pretty.  But I was nervous.  I have a hard time drawing a straight line with a ruler (it always moves on me!)

My friend Heather decided to have her birthday party at Painting with a Twist and I couldn't wait to help her celebrate!

When we walked in, Heather had set out some yummy food for us (chicken salad croissants, buffalo chicken dip & crackers, and chocolate chip cookies..among other goodies.)  We also bought some wine at the little bar they had set up (and they had moscato!)

We chatted for a bit then found a seat.

Soon we were ready to get started.  Our instructor was great!  She went over some funny rules first

It was time to get painting!

We started off with the background.  We mixed some colors together and painted feather strokes.

It was interesting to see how different everyone's was.

Then we added the tree.

And the flowers

All too soon, we were done!

It was a little stressful at times.  I'm so not an artist and I kept thinking mine looked all wrong.  But they're right.  If you take a step back it looks pretty okay.

Cori did a great job!

I loved seeing everyone's finished projects!

It really was so much fun!  I'd love to do it again or try to convince Kory to do a couple's one.

Happy Birthday Heather!