Thursday, August 14, 2014

Arizona Trip- Day 6

Mr. Buck was nice enough to take us out on his boat. 

We headed over to Rainbow Bridge.

This is an example of why I don't go in any water with living things in it!

Anyways, the hike wasn't too bad at all, and before we knew it, we could see the Rainbow Bridge.

We hiked back and Mr. Buck took us around Lake Powell.  Some of the waterways were soooo narrow.

  It was crazy!  And beautiful!

He took us to a spot where several of us (not me!) were able to swim.

There was one dead end that had a mark on it that I said felt like a door between scenes at a Disney ride (it looked more like it in person.)

They hit up another spot for swimming

Then we went to Antelope Canyon Marina for lunch.  I had my first buffalo burger and it came with bleu cheese.  It was yummy!

We boated around a little more before heading back in.

Later that night, we went over to the Buck's for dinner

I kept forgetting to take this picture until now.

But the Buck's have this gorgeous view from their back yard.  Kory & Kyle used to live next door so they did too.

The lighting was good so we needed to get a few shots.

We chatted for a quite awhile and just enjoyed the night

The last day of the trip was sadly approaching.

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