Saturday, August 30, 2014

Disney Parks Blog #DisneySide Dog's Day at Magic Kingdom Park

Last weekend, I sent in a picture of Bella to enter to win chance at a Disney Parks Blog #DisneySide Dog's Day at Magic Kingdom Park.  And I got chosen!

101 dogs (and their owners and guest) were invited into the Magic Kingdom for a special morning.

We got up super early.  I dressed Bella in her Snow White costume and put on my own Snow White shirt (and Kory was a good sport and wore a Prince shirt).  We parked at the Contemporary and walked over to the main gates around 5:30am.  We registered and then hung around taking pictures and talking to a few people we knew until 6

At 6, we entered the park and met in front of the train station.  We listened to some special announcements

We heard from a producer from Animal Planet that on October 18th, there will be footage of today's event in an Animal Planet Disney Side Edition of "America's Cutest Pet."

Some special Disney dogs were brought out to greet us!

Then we were invited to walk down Main Street on the green carpet rolled out for us.

(all the flashes on made it look light here but it was still dark)

Bella walked some but mostly wanted to be held.  Such a little scaredy cat!  We walked around the hub area some.  They had Human Doggie Bags for breakfast.

And treat bags for the dogs.

And they had rows of doggie bowls filled with water for the pooches.  We walked around a little bit then sat down to relax.

Just, ya know, hanging out at the Magic Kingdom

They had a costume contest for the 3 best costumes.  Third place was dressed with a headless horseman on its, second place was dressed in a chef's costume with Ratatouille on its back, and first place was a Dalmatian dressed as Cruella de Vil!  So cute!

I got to meet fellow DisBride Michelle and her adorable puppy and husband.  I loved finally meeting her!

Then the characters came out for a dance party!


She literally flinched away from Pluto

And you can see her progression away from Dug!  (Her poor eyes in this last one) Poor doggies!

She wasn't afraid of Cruella.  Maybe because Cruella talked to her and petted her.

They had one more surprise for us-- we got to walk through Magic Kingdom with our furbabies!  (It ended up just being from Adventureland through to Fantasyland by the Carousel to the Castle.  I was hoping we'd go by Mine Train so we could get a picture of Bella in front of it in her Snow White Costume but it was a no go.)  But there were still so many good shots!

(not the best picture of Goofy)

in front of the Haunted Manion

Rapunzel Land (I refuse to call in the bathrooms for my pics :)  )

Bella tried to pull out the Sword in the Stone!

And took a picture in the castle.

On our way out, we had to get one last shot in front of the castle.

We were given some parting gifts

a tennis ball from Best Friends Pet Care and Sunglasses from Animal Planet

And a Disney Parks Blog poster.

This truly was such a special event.  Disney is such a huge part of our lives, including getting married and having pictures in front of the castle in our wedding dress and tux.  And I know that someday we will take our babies there.  But I never imagined I'd get to take my furbaby there.  I know it sounds dorky and all, but it's something I'm so grateful to have had the chance to do and something I won't ever forget!

And this gorgeous picture was taken by the Disney Parks Blog.  I love it!


  1. How cool!!! I would LOVE to have a picture of my baby in front of the castle!!