Friday, August 8, 2014

Arizona Trip- Day 5

On Wednesday, the boys got up and went to the Glen Canyon Dam and took a tour (well, Rob had to head back to Vegas for the day).  The girls had no interest in this so we stayed back home.  Around lunch time, we headed to a restaurant called Slackers.

I thought this sign was kind of funny

The menu was okay, but seemed a little over priced to me.

I had a ham and cheese sandwich...not worth taking a picture of.

We headed right across the street to the Antelope Slot Canyon Tour.  I was NOT looking forward to this.  I hate hiking.  It bores me and is hot.  I'm just not an outdoorsy, nature loving gal.  BUT..this totally surprised me and was probably my favorite activity we did all week!!

While we were waiting for the tours to start, they demonstrated a Native American grass dance and hoop dance.  Pretty neat!

We got into these trucks that had sideways benches.  The bench we were on wasn't that stable.  Not so sure how safe it all was, but we made it there and back in one piece.

We parked and got out and headed into  the canyons.

Our tour guide was Macara (not sure of spelling).  She was wonderful!!  Basically, the tour was all about the shapes and things you can see in the rocks and in the spaces.  I'm horrible about seeing things so she would take my phone and take the pictures for me.  It was basically like a scavenger hunt, which I love!!

Get ready for lots of pictures! (Sometimes I had to turn the pictures upside for you to see them since they might be hanging on the ceiling)

Elvis (profile of hair, nose, mouth)

 Cathedral Room

Backbones of Canyon

Beauty and the Beast (profiles Beast's face is on right and Belle's is behind him on left)

Candlestick (in the space between rocks)

Light Beams

Weeping Eye (divots are tears)

Beautiful Wall

Bear (on the right side..the nose)

 Monument Valley

Bear looking up (you can see its mouth)

 Joel making noise (there was this hole in the wall where you could hum into and it would echo loudly)

The chief ( you can see his eyes, nose, mouth)

George Washington (profile --you can see his face and hair)

Heart (sideways)



George Washington (another one..this time looking up at it...and to me it looked like Abraham Lincoln)

Monument Valley with Rainbow

This log had been there for 30 years from a flash flood (and we learned that the deepest part of the canyon was 142 feet)

King Kong

Cat Eyes

Weaving Room


Dragon Eye

Wall of Fire

Monument Valley at Dawn

The Wave

We got to the end and needed some group and couples shots

It really was so much fun and I'm so glad that I did it!

We decided to go get some frozen yogurt so we stopped at U-Swirl


There was another restaurant right there that cracked me up

Nemo's Fish and Chips!  I know Nemo was the name of the Captain in Twenty Thousand Leagues Under the Sea so maybe that's what they were going for.  But it's totally the font for Finding Nemo so if it was THAT Nemo's fish  & chips, it'd be carnivorous!  

We went to Safeway to pick up more groceries and then half of us went to Walmart.  And then decided we wanted Sonic drinks to mix with alcohol.  We went to Sonic and I got a strawberry cream slush and mixed it with Malibu rum.  Delicious!!

We stayed in and cooked (don't remember what) and played more fun games!

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