Thursday, October 31, 2013

Orlando Yelp Event- Halloween Party at The Station

On Monday, I drove over to the UCF side of town to attend a Yelp Halloween part at The Station.

This was a cute bar that I can see guys going to when they want to watch a game during the day, and a hangout place for college kids at night.

 There was lots of yummy food out for us--pita chips with hummus or spinach dip, sliced up cheeseburgers, and sandwiches, pizza skins, and salad.  There were also some mixed drinks to choose from.

And you can't forget the costumes!  Unfortunately, my doctors appointment beforehand took way longer than I expected so I wasn't able to go home to put on my costume.  My friends looked so cute though!  (and there were some great other costumes including a ghost from Pacman and the Price is Right contestants!)

There was Snap Studio Booth there for us to take our pictures!  I love photobooth pictures!

Before we left, there was candy out for us to take home in a baggie and we got a $10 gift card for when we return to The Station.  I had a great time!

Oh, and random, but when we were leaving, this group of college kids came by with this puppy.  I reached over to pet it, and it scramble up on me.  Chompers (a Rottweiler/dauchand mix) was so sweet!  I love puppies!  (don't mind that I look as pale as a ghost!)


  1. Those Yelp events always sound so cool! I still haven't found any in my area!y