Friday, October 4, 2013

Five Things Friday- October 4, 2013

1) I got my Jost Running virtual medals in the mail this week.  They are so cute and such high quality!

2) We went to the Tower of Terror 10 Miler Expo today.  It's a bit smaller than some of the others but we still had some great buys!

4) I took the week off running.  My heels feel almost completely better.  They're only a teensy bit sore.  And since Tuesday, my knee hasn't hurt at all.  I've been foam rolling and icing every day.  I'm not going to use KT tape for tomorrow's race since it didn't seem to help last weekend.  I'm just hoping that the knee pain doesn't come back tomorrow!

3) We're all ready for the race! 

4) Lookout for a giveaway on the blog soon---its for something that I don't run without!


  1. I love your costume. Seriously its adorable!!!

    1. Thank you! Rock City Skirts made the skirt for us and my running buddy made the top out of a tank top we found and cut the arm warmers from socks we found!