Tuesday, October 29, 2013

Orlando Yelp Event- Krisp Kreme

Last Thursday I attended a Yelp Event at the Millenia Krispy Kreme store.  The store had burnt down previously and was re-opening. 

The store re-opened today and had some great prizes for those who were first in line.
I met up with Cecille, Mia, and Pamela.

As soon as I walked in, this is what I saw. 

We were told to order whatever doughnut we wanted.  I went with the custard filled.  (I asked what the difference between the kreme filled and custard filled.  Custard is more like a pudding-y texture.)  It was sooo good!

 I also ordered coffee--the Kaffe Kreme flavor.  I was told that it was supposed to taste like the glazed doughnuts.  I have to be honest, I don't like the taste of plain coffee and prefer the flavoring to be strong.  This flavor wasn't strong enough for me, unfortunately.

I also tried the Chocolate Iced Glazed--my fav!

 The employees were so incredibly nice!  They encouraged us to try everything!

Next up was the Maple Iced Glazed.  Mia and I split it.  It was okay, but I like the chocolate one better.

I also tried a seasonal flavor, the pumpkin cake doughnut (yum!) and of course, a fresh, hot original!!

And of course I had to check out how the doughnuts are made.   They keep a strict eye to make sure they're all good ones!

Look at that wall of icing that the doughnuts are going through! 

We got to take home a dozen of whichever flavor we wanted!  At first I felt bad taking them, but then I rationalized with myself that since they weren't open for business yet, I should take so home so they wouldn't go to waste!

I had such a great time!  Thanks Krispy Kreme and Yelp Orlando!

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