Sunday, October 20, 2013

Weekly Recap- October 14- 21, 2013

I took 2 weeks off again to see if I could get my knee healed.  I wanted to get in to see a doctor (but the earliest time is NEXT Monday, the day after my race.  Sigh).  I even took off 2 weeks of softball.  I wanted no running on my knee. 

So I tried again yesterday.  I was supposed to do 14 but decided on 7.  I told myself that I would stop at the first twinge.  Well, that came at mile 1.25.  That's right when I met up with my running friend and was going to start 2:1s so I decided to keep on.  At mile 3, we split and I decided to keep going but I dropped down to 1:1s.  The knee pain got a little better so at mile 6, I did 2:1s again.  My knee definitely hurts, but it's not excruciating like it was at the Tower of Terror 10 Miler.  I definitely could have gone longer. 

I used the full knee method of KT taping and I think it helped.  Although I was keeping it on longer than necessary to see if I could use that one application for several days.  But then I noticed that my knee was hurting in different spots than it was before. I took the tape off and my knee doesn't hurt there anymore, just in the old spot.  So weird!  At least there's no limping this time!

Saturday--7 miles in 1:22:40 (Mile 1: 10:41, Mile 2: 12:21, Mile 3: 12:44, Mile 4: 12:11, Mile 5: 11:57, Mile 6: 11:51, Mile 7: 10:56, average pace: 11:49)

Total miles this week: 7
Total miles in 2013: 451.67
Total miles: 877.16

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