Sunday, April 7, 2013

Weekly Recap- March 25- April 7, 2013

This week was up and down.  On Monday, at softball, I get hit in the knee with a ball.  I was rounding second, running to third and the shortstop through the ball in to the third basemen and hit me in the knee.  The first thing I remember thinking was "oh no, not my bad knee!".  Yup.  It hit my knee that I just got done with physical therapy for.  It hurt so bad.  My friend who was the third base coach was trying to make me laugh because he knew that I didn't want to cry.  My eyes were welled up with tears and you could hear it in my voice.  They all crowded around me and asked if I wanted to sit out but I said no.  So much pain though.  You could see the stiches from the softball imprinted on my knee.  5 days later, it still swollen and turning yellowish-green.  I'm not limping anymore, thankfully.  But it's not pretty.  And I didn't run all week.  I had a 5k today and I wasn't sure I was going to be able to run.  Luckily, it only bothered me when we were running down the ramps.

Then on Tuesday, I did the scariest thing I've done so far in my short running career.  I signed up for the WDW Marathon!!!  What did I get myself into??  I'm hoping with training it will all go okay!

Then today I had the Color Me Rad 5k which was a lot of fun.  Today the hubby and I are headed off on a Disney Cruise.  I am so excited.  And can't wait to run in the Castaway Cay 5k on Tuesday!

Monday-- softball
Saturday--Color Me Rad 5k (we're not sure of the milage or the time.  We're guessing it was 2.75ish and 32ish minutes)

Total miles this week:3
Total miles in 2013: 123.93
Total Miles: 553

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