Saturday, April 27, 2013

Disney Dream Cruise--Day 4, April 10, 2013

Today was the Day at Sea, so a lazy day.  I didn't take a lot of pictures.  We slept in, spent most of the day at my favorite adult pool, and drank a lot of my favorite drinks from the room (with banana fro-yo!)

We got dressed to see the show, Believe.  I forgot to snap a picture--FAIL!  But it was far and beyond the best show of the cruise!  I loved all the songs, the characters fit, and the scenes were great!  I'd love to see it again! 

We had some time after the show, so we wandered into Pink.  Natalie and I needed a picture!

Our dinner that night was in the Enchanted Garden. 



The Enchanted Garden definitely had my least favorite of the menu offerings
For the appetizer, I had the Thyme and Garlic Brioche.  It was good.
For soup, I had the Cream of Green Asparagus soup
For salad, I had the Romaine Wedge
And the main course
I didn't like any of the regular choices, so I ordered off the Ligther Note--Grilled Grain-fed Sirloin Steak.
I had the Banana Foster Sundae...annnnd the Creme Brulee (no picture of this though)

We were sad it was the last night.  But we needed a picture with Nue and Phillip
While we were taking pictures, some of the other servers stole my phone and took some self portraits :)
We needed a whole table shot
We headed up to Evolution to play a music trivia game.  The Knight Magic show was going to be a repeat performance after.  Rafael got asked to be in it so we decided to watch again.  And we learned one of the secrets of the tricks!

It was fun!  We said goodnight to Natalie and Rafael and headed to bed and saw our last towel animal.  A penguin!

Disembarkation the next morning was simple.  You could choose to put your bags out the night before and then pick them up off the boat.  Or you could keep your luggage and carry it off yourself.  We choose that route.  Then in the morning, you could choose to go to breakfast in the dining rooms at a certain or skip breakfast and head off the boat at your own time.  We chose that one.  It was all pretty quick.  The only line we ran into was at customs.  But that took maybe 10 minutes.  The line was continuously moving.
We had so much fun!  I can't wait until we're able to go again!


  1. I enjoyed your cruise recaps. Thanks for sharing. I will be excited to do the Castaway 5K when I go. I have always walked by Senior Frogs but never stopped in as I thought it was just a bar. I didn't realize that they interact with the customers and played games. I'll have to remember to stop in next time even if it is just to watch all the fun!

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