Wednesday, April 17, 2013

Brief Thoughts on Boston

I don't really know how to put into words what I'm feeling about Boston.  Mostly shock, confusion, sadness, and sympathy for those devestated by the bombing. 

When I first heard about the explosions, my first thought was that I was hoping it was some kind of accident.  But I was quickly horrified to learn that it was planned.  I just can't imagine why someone would want to do what they did.  It just boggles my mind.

But watching the clips over and over again of how the first responders rushed in to help made me feel a little better.  Such heroes. 

And the running community--I haven't heard from one single person who has said that they're afraid to run now.  In fact, I've seen posts of people wanting to qualify for Boston when before they didn't want to, or tweets of people who had no interest in running a marathon want to start training for one.

I've only recently become a part of this running community but it's strong.  And this insane person or group of people can't get it down.

Yesterday I wore my Princess Half Marathon shirt and ran 4.09 miles in honor of Boston.  It was hot and I was hurting but the only thing I could think about was how grateful I was that I could be running.  I signed up for my first marathon about 2 weeks ago.  And I know that during every training run, I'll be thinking of those Boston Marathoners and how my heart goes out to them.

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