Sunday, August 11, 2013

Weekly Recap- August 5-11, 2013

I am so, so sad that summer is over.  I start back to pre-planning next week.  And I'm dreading it because that means no more early morning runs during the week.  I'm planning on running around 7 at night (since I have to run before we eat otherwise I get bad cramps and this is about as late as I can go).  But tonight at 7 it was still 87 with a heat index of 93.  It's going to kill me! 

I didn't do any training runs this week.  I saved them all for the races this weekend.  Kristin from A Mom on the Run and I ran 4 races in 36 hours!  So much fun!

Friday--Tour de Pain part 1--4 miler in 42:11 (but according to Garmin it was 4.09 miles so, Mile 1: 9:45, Mile 2: 10:25, Mile 3: 10:48, Mile 4: 10:24, Mile 4-4.09: 8:06, average pace: 10:18)

Saturday morning--Tour de Pain part 2--5k in 29:50.  7 seconds off my!  (Mile 1: 9:30, Mile 2: 9:41, Mile 3: 9:46, Mile 3-3.1: 6:49, average pace: 9:32)

Saturday afternoon-- Tour de Pain part 3- 1 miler Sizzler--Official time was 7:47 but all of our Garmin's said we ran more, around 1.1. My Garmin said my mile was 7:11

Sunday morning--Drenched 5k--we ran with Kristin's son so we walked almost all of it.  We didn't time ourselves and it was nice to chat and get wet.

Total miles this week: 11.39
Total miles in 2013: 361.76
Total miles: 790.25


  1. The Tour de Pain sounds like so much fun! Awesome job it looks like you had a lot of fun!
    I'm right there with ya about school starting...!
    Karen @karenlovestorun

    1. It was fun! And I wasn't sore after like I was expecting to be!