Friday, August 23, 2013

Five Things Friday- August 23, 2013

1) I survived the first week back to school!  I actually have a really great group.  The kiddos have already caught on to most of the routines.  They're so cute and eager to learn.  And I have a big bunch of huggers--they're adorable! I am exhausted though!

2) I got my new Lululemon skirt in the mail!  It's so cute!  I'm not sure why I didn't order a tank at the same time but I quickly remedied that problem :)

3) I haven't run since last Sunday.  Tuesday was too hot in the evening with the heat index still over 100 degrees at 7pm.  Then it rained all afternoon Wednesday and Thursday.  Honestly, I'm glad though.  I'm kind of burned out on running training runs.  And considering marathon training starts in 2 and a half weeks, I need to get motivated!  If only I could just run lots of races for training runs!

4) I'm all set for the Gridiron 5k tomorrow.  I'm so excited to be decked out in my Gator colors tank and Rock City skirt! (and football season starts a week from tomorrow.  I can't wait!). 

5) In one week from now, I'll be out at Disneyland getting ready for Dumbo Double Dare!  Hopefully I'll meeting up with some friends at Trader Sam's right about now and celebrating my bday a little early!


  1. Great job getting through your first week of school! I survived as well, but I'm definitely missing the everyday freedoms of summer. Love your new Lululemon skirt. The colors are awesome! Looking forward to seeing you at Disneyland!

    1. Thanks! I'm missing summer too! And can't wait to see you again!