Friday, August 2, 2013

Five Things Friday- August 2, 2013

1)  I got my RunChat runbassador AND Sweat Pink goodies in the mail this week!  Can't wait to spread the word!

2) I had my first marathon nightmare.  I dreamt that the end was right after you exited the Magic Kingdom.  I was running and saw my family on Main Street so I knew it was close to the end.  And I was surprised at how strong I felt, even though I was tired.  As I ran through the finish, I noticed the clock said just under 2 hours. I thought that was weird but figured I saw it wrong or it was a clock for something else.  I got my medal and headed home.  A couple of hours later, I got an email saying that I was disqualified because I only ran 10 miles, not 26.2.  I was shocked and couldn't figure out how this had happened.  I followed all the other runners and while my body didn't felt like I had run far, I just couldn't determine what went wrong.
If I'm already having nightmares, I'm in trouble!!
3) On Thursday, a scary thing I happened.  I got tapped by a car.  I was coming up to a neighborhood and as I came up to the crosswalk, I noticed that there was a car behind the closed gates (and I remember this because we have friends who live in there.  I always try to see if I see them when I'm running and I remember thinking that I couldn't tell if it was them yet since they were behind the gate).  The gates are set pretty far back, so I knew I had plenty of time to cross, since this happens often.  Well, as soon as the gates opened, the car flew out of the gates and through the stop sign.  She slammed on her brakes at the last second.  My hand ended up on the hood of her car and her bumper tapped my leg.  She looked shocked.  She was turning right so I was coming from the way she should have been looking too.  In that last second I remember thinking "Oh ****, she's going to hit me."  I still can't believe how fast she came up.  Just a reminder to me that there are drivers out there who aren't paying attention and I need to be extra cautious.
4) Today I some adorable tanks in the mail.  I ordered them from RufflesWithLove on Etsy.  The Gators one is for the Gridiron 5k at the end of the month (and goes with my orange and blue Rock City Skirt) and the It's my (r)un-unbirthday tank is to wear on my birthday, after the Disneyland Half Marathon.  They're so cute!

5) **Adding on--I am figuring out that I am starting to have a hard time remembering things.  I see run-related things that I want and then forget about them!  So I thought I'd start a little wish list here so I don't forget (plus, my bday is in a little under a month in case a certain someone is reading). 
 ~White Tiara Visor from Running Princess
~Some Gone for a Run Tees in M: Womens Everyday Runners Tee Runner's Tiara in Lush Berry,  Womens Everyday Runners Tee Florida State Runner (Royal/Orange) in Charcoal Gray,
~ I can always use more Sweatybands!
~Road ID (Wrist Slim, color purple size Small)
~Mizuno Women's DryLite I Run T-Shirt (size Medium)


  1. Wow, what a scary story! Glad you're ok. Unfortunately everyone is in such a hurry these days and we have people paying more attention to their phones than the road. Stay safe! I have crazy running dreams when I'm so consumed by training. I had a dream once that I ran a marathon that went over the border and didn't have a passport to get through border check so I couldn't finish the race,lol. Just gotta relax I guess.

    1. Oh no! Do you live close to the border at least? So hard to relax though!

  2. Oh my gosh, that's incredibly scary! I'm so glad that you're okay.