Thursday, July 11, 2013

The ABCs of Me!

This surveys seems only fitting since I spend much of my time teaching the ABCs. (I'm a Kindergarten teacher :) )  Thanks to Ashley from The Pavement Princess for tagging me in it.

A. Attached or single? Definitely attached.  I've been married to my hubby for 2 years and we dated for 5 years before that.
B. Best Friend? I have a bunch of great girl friends.  I couldn't choose between them all.  So how about I just pick my puppy.  A dog can be a girl's best friend too, right?

 C. Cake or Pie? Definitely cake.  I'm not much of a pie girl but I LOVE cake!  Especially cupcakes!!
D. Day of the Week? Saturday!  I still have another day off of work, I can sleep in, and in the fall, it's College Football day!!

 E. Essential Item? probably my cell phone.  I'm constantly on it!

F. Favorite Color? Purple.  I have an abundance of purple things (and my first car was even a purple Mustang).

G. Gummy Bears or Gummy Worms? I'm not a huge fan of either, but if I had to pick, then gummy bears

H. Hometown? so this question just made me realize something.  I was born in Wilmington, Delaware, moved to Charleston, West Virginia, then to Puerto Rico, then to Orange Park, Florida.  I would automatically say my hometown is Orange Park since that's where I grew up.  But I just realized that I've now spent more time living in Orlando (after a 4-year stop in Gainesville), than I did in Orange Park!  Weird realization!

I. Favorite Indulgence? wine and cheese
J. January or July? July....I love the warm temps and it's summer break!

K. Kids?  Just our furbaby Bella.  I love kids (obviously, since I teach them!) s0 hopefully in the near future!

L. Life isn't complete without? loved ones!  I need to love and be loved!

M. Marriage Date? June 11, 2o11

N. Number of brothers/sisters. One younger brother

 O. Oranges or apples? Once again, not huge on either, but if I had to pick, apples.  I like yellow ones or the Honey Crisp

P. Phobias? Lots, but mostly spiders and snakes.  Eek!

Q. Favorite quote? Once in a while, right in the middle of an ordinary life, love gives us a fairy tale.

 R. Reason to smile? Lots but my kindergarteners make me laugh every day!

S. Season of Choice? the warm weather and the break from school.  Followed closely by fall--football season!

T. Tag 5 People: Laura from This Princess Runs , Justin from Always Running Forward , Jen from Country Road Runner WI ,  Marcia at Travel, Run, Eat , Nicole from Just Glass on the Outside

U. Unknown fact about me? I am a completely bookworm.  Our office is overrun with books--I have over 1200 of them!

V. Favorite vegetable? oohh toughie!  I love corn and potatoes and broccoli.  Can't pick one!

W. Worst habit? Worrying.  I worry waaaay too much about everything!
X. X-Ray or Ultrasound? Hopefully ultrasound in the future!

Y. Your favorite food? Popcorn!  I am obsessed with popcorn!  We have a whole shelf in our pantry just for microwave popcorn and I love flavored popcorn from popcorn stores!

 Z. Zodiac Sign? Virgos. Sometimes it fits me, sometimes not!

Hopefully you've learned a little bit about me and still want to come back for more....ha, ha!

Take a moment and leave me an interesting fact about yourself! 


  1. Fun learning more about you! I hate snakes too! Shivers.

    1. And I've seen more on my runs this summer than I have my whole life!

  2. Adam just mentioned to me last night how strange it was that he feels like Inverness is his hometown, but he's lived in Jax longer -- too funny :)

  3. I love these ABC posts, it's fun to learn about the people I'm connecting with via Twitter. Yay for being June brides and Kindergarten teachers! You are so right, the kids make me laugh everyday :)

    1. I always say I'm going to keep a book of things the kiddos say, but I always forget!

  4. Great post Andrea!!! It's great to learn more about you!!! I had no idea you were such a bookworm...1,200 books is a lot. I love to read too....especially during the summer!!

    1. Yup! We have 5 book cases that are full the regular way, 3 tubs full, then books stacked wherever they'll fit! I really need to get rid of a bunch whenever we move to a new house!

  5. Love it Andrea! EWWWW Snakes, um yeah me too. Wow that is alot of book! I love to read too. Thanks for sharing!