Sunday, September 29, 2013

Weekly Recap- September 23- September 29, 2013

My knee was bugging me so I only ran once during the week to see how my old Sauconys felt.  And my knee still bugged me but my heels didn't feel any worse.  So I decided to go with them for the Half Marathon on Saturday.  The Brooks will be going back to the store. 

And I'm kinda mad about the half marathon.  I get that its inaugural race but it was half a mile short!  I was on track to get a huge PR.  But I'll never know what it was exactly.  I know I still got a PR but I'm not sure what.  Sigh.  I just need to remember that it was for charity.

Tuesday-- 3 miles in 31:27 (Mile 1: 9:59, Mile 2: 11:04, Mile 3: 10:23, average pace: 10:28)

Saturday--chORD Half Marathon--12.52 miles in 2:19:46 (Mile 1: 9:39, Mile 2: 10:19, Mile 3: 10:18, Mile 4: 11:18, Mile 5: 11:50, Mile 6: 11:12, Mile 7: 12:37, Mile 8: 11:02 Mile 9: 11:23, Mile 10: 11:22, Mile 11: 11:36, Mile 12: 11:10, Mile 12-12.52: 11:15)

Total miles this week: 15.52
Total miles in 2013: 434.58
Total miles: 860.07


  1. I run in Saucony's too but am thinking of switching back to Brooks..too funny (well, not if you are in pain!). What type of Brooks did you have?
    Karen @karenlovestorun

    1. I used to run in Ravennas before I switched to the Sauconys. The one they just tried to put me in are Defyance

  2. I just switched to Sauconys not too long ago from Brooks; I love the Guides but I miss my cushioning! Or, my knees do anyways :)

  3. My knees seem to be achey-er (so not a word!) in Brooks.