Friday, September 20, 2013

Five Things Friday- September 20, 2013

1) I had a group of friends in town last week and weekend and we did some over-the-top fun stuff at Disney!  So I didn't get much posting done.  And I guess it's a good thing I was resting my foot because I wouldn't have time to run! 

2) I got my Stride Box!

It contained:
~PROBAR Bolt Energy Chews in Strawberry
~2 Happy Family Happy Squeezes in COCO Orange Mango
~AeroLife AeroShot Energy in Green Apple
~StrideBox Runners' Training Log
~Fuel 100 Electro-Bites in Simply Salty
~Eboost Natural Energy Booster in Acai Pomegranate
~NOW A3 Bar in Honey Graham Smores

3) I won a contest from A Fit Fashionista and it came in the mail yesterday.  I'm excited to try the Ripped Cream!

4) I've been having heel issues since the Disneyland Half Marathon and I decided that I think the cause is the shoes.  I headed over to Fleet Feet to try new shoes.  I'm not that thrilled that my old shoes only have 130 miles on them and I'm buying new ones, but hopefully my feet will be happier.  I'm back in Brooks--the Defyance
Oh, and the "nothing new on race day" rule? I never listen when it comes to outfits because I have to wear a new outfit for every race.  But tomorrow I'm breaking the rule big time by wearing brand new tennis shoes!  I figure my other options are old shoes (no good for knees), the current ones (which hurt my feet) or try these and hope for the best!
5)  I'm ready for tomorrow's 15k!  It's the Miracle Miles 15k in Orlando. Here's hoping my feet do ok!


  1. I love your race outfit! So cute :)

  2. What an awesome week for you! I love your new shoes and your race outfit! Can't wait to hear how your race went!