Saturday, September 7, 2013

Race #33- Drenched 5k

The Sunday after the Tour de Pain, I ran the Drenched 5k.  Well, more like walked it which was fine by me.  I ran with Kristin from A Mom on the Run and her son.

Thankfully Kristin had picked up my race packet the day before when she got hers.  There were also some water guns that I forgot to add in the picture.

The race was supposed to start at 10 but then last minute the night before I realized that in the very last email, they had changed the time to 9.  A little confusing. 

At the race, Kristin decided not to bring the jogging stroller, thinking B would be okay run/walking it with us carrying him some.

When we got there, B was ready to go. (My pictures are taken from inside a Ziploc baggie so it wouldn't get wet. So a lot of them are foggy looking..oops!)

There was a long line of people in front of us, but we could see the water spraying ahead and were ready to get wet!

B did really good for a while but there was one long stretch that didn't have any water or anything interesting going on it got to be a little long for him.  We took turns carrying him.


When we passed by the parking lot where the car was, Kristin decided to get the jogging stroller while I got us water from the event cooler.  Unfortunately, they weren't prepared and there wasn't any water left.  Boo!  We did score a few ice cubes though.  While B and I were waiting, a police officer showed up and asked if we were continuing since we were the last ones.  I said yes and she gave a big sigh and attitude like we were inconveniencing her.  Not cool!  We put B in the stroller and off we went.  I wanted to try pushing it while running some so I could see how hard it was.  I was surprised at how it was a lot easier than I thought.  I don't think I could run fast with it or for long distances but its not as bad as I thought. 

We got to the foam part and B jumped out to play.  There wasn't a lot of foam like we had seen in the ads, but we made the best of it.

The foam war was on!

There were a couple of more water hoses to run through and B seemed to get a kick out of that.  It was fun to see the race through his eyes.

When we got to the end, they had a bunch of bubbles right before the slip n slide.

I had done a race with a giant slip n slide at the beginning of the summer and I was telling Kristin how great it was.  They were watering it the whole time and Dawn (not big suds bubbles) on it so it was perfect slippery.  This one was shorter and the soap wasn't as good and there was all sorts of dirt on it.

B wasn't too happy with the soap in his eyes nor the dirt on him so we quickly rinsed him off.  We went over to get refreshments after but there was only water (which I don't drink) and bananas that had been ripped in half so they were all brown.  Not exactly appetizing.
While I enjoyed running with Kristin and chatting and seeing the race through a little one's eyes, I'm glad that I won this entry and didn't pay for it.  I'm not honestly sure that I'd say I'd do it again.  Oh well!


  1. I just realized that you were numbering your races, Cool! I don't know why we didn't think to do that!

    Your pictures came out pretty good for being in a plastic bag!

    1. Yeah, I want to see how many races I did--helps me keep track!

  2. Good to know - I almost signed up for this one when it was near me but ended up going on a business trip at that time. Now I don't regret it!

    1. It would've been fun if you were family or friends but not solo.