Sunday, January 31, 2016

Weekly Recap- January 25-31, 2016

Marathon #9--Complete!


We were supposed to have softball practice but there weren't enough of us going so practiced eating food at Ale House instead :)

Tuesday-- 1 mile in 10:29.  Tamara's Starbucks Birthday Run


Kory and I joined Dad at Hot n Juicy Crawfish.  I don't do spicy so I just had the garlic butter crab legs.  My hands literally smelled like garlic for two days but they were some of the most flavorful crab legs I've ever had.  I can't wait to go back!


Kory and I went to see The 5th Wave.  I thought that there were some holes and mistakes in filming but I enjoyed the overall premise.


We went to the expo for the Celebration Marathon.  I love that they gave towels this year!

And I got my outfit ready.


I slept in then met up with a bunch of MRTT ladies at Bravo! Cucina Italiana for a pre-race dinner.  I had my normal boring dinner of grilled chicken, mashed potatoes and rice (well, orzo this time) but the other food looked so yummy!

Sunday-- Celebration Marathon. 26.72 miles in 4:58:04  So happy to break 5 hours for a second time! Mile 1: 10:36, Mile 2: 10:04, Mile 3: 10:32, Mile 4: 10:30, Mile 5: 10:13, Mile 6: 10:41, Mile 7: 10:56, Mile 8: 11:19, Mile 9: 11:02, Mile 10: 10:54, Mile 11: 10:42, Mile 12: 11:12, Mile 13: 10:37, Mile 14: 10:31, Mile 15: 11:01, Mile 16: 11:09, Mile 17: 11:05, Mile 18: 11:47, Mile 19: 11:36, Mile 20: 11:51, Mile 21: 12:03, Mile 22: 12:29, Mile 23: 11:43, Mile 24: 11:43, Mile 25: 12:28, Mile 26: 11:48, Mile 26-26.72: 10:41, Average Pace: 11:10

I was nervous about the race because I really wanted to break 5 hours again.  And I did!  So I got my second best marathon time and beat last year's time by all most 2 1/2 mins.  There were so many great supporters on course--lots of MRTT ladies and Faith's family!  And Faith and I ran in to the finish together with a bunch of our MRTT ladies joining us!

Then later on that night--we'd just finished running a marathon--what were we going to do next?  Go to Chuck E. Cheese!  We went with Jordan, Ava Joy, her sister Bergen and her sister's kids.

Total miles this week: 27.72
Total miles in 2016: 107.78
Total miles: 2647.46

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