Monday, January 25, 2016

#CignaRunTogether Event

On the Friday of Marathon weekend, I was invited to a Cigna Blogger Event, #CignaRunTogether.  I attend the event last year and had tons of fun so I was looking for to attending again!  This year it was held at the Odyssey Center in Epcot.

We started off with a yummy lunch and I saw Caitlyn, a fellow BDR Ambassador so I joined her group.

We had each been given a character sticker when we checked in and after lunch we divided into groups that matched our sticker.  I was team Mickey!

We played lots of games and learned fun trivia.

For the pencil challenge, we had to see how many pencils we could balance on the back of our hands, flip over and catch.  Talk about hand-eye coordination!  I got 4.

We played a trivia exercise challenge where a trivia question was given, and to answer the question, you had to do a specific exercise.

There was a balloon game where we bounced balloons around and when the music stopped, we grabbed a color and certain colors won or lost.

One we all had fun with was the dance/lyric challenge where a song would be played and cut off and you had to touch your body part that was the next lyric in the song.

There was a yoga tree challenge where you had to balance on one leg, close your eyes, then sway from side to side.  I got up to the very last part.  I guess all of those years of flying in cheerleading paid off.

There were other fun games but the last one we did was a pasta challenge.  You had to take raw a spaghetti noodle in your mouth and using only that thread penne pasta onto it and dump it into a bowl.  That was hard!

I learned all sorts of interesting facts but came away with 3 most important things to remember:

  • Get an annual check-up.
  • Know your numbers so you can take care of your health.
  • Don't be like a third of Americans who say they visit their health care professionals only when they have a health problem.
At the end we got to take pictures with the main cheerleaders themselves--Mickey and Minnie!!

I had such a great time and hope to attend the event again next year!

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  1. Great post. This was so much fun! Definitely a highlight for me that week.