Sunday, January 24, 2016

Weekly Recap- January 18-24, 2016

No race this weekend!  Feels so weird!

Monday--3 miles in 29:36  Mile 1: 9:34, Mile 2: 10:08, Mile 3: 9:53, Average Pace: 9:52

Today was Martin Luther King Jr. Day which means a day off from school.  I thoroughly enjoyed it.


I had another chiro appointment.  I feel so much better after them, although it doesn't seem to last long.

Wednesday--4 miles in 40:32  Mile 1: 10:19, Mile 2: 10:08, Mile 3: 10:07, Mile 4: 9:58, Average Pace: 10:08

I pushed myself to run the whole thing!


Cori and I went on one of our cupcake field trips to use a Groupon at Smallcakes.  Turns out we didn't read the directions and we were supposed to order a day in advance.  Fail!  Luckily the lady was super nice and let us customize our order (instead of the variety pack we were supposed to get) and Cori picked them up the next day.

Kory and I enjoyed dinner at Red Robin--yum!



Faith and I were going to run but it was way too cold for this Florida girl!

Cori, Faith and I went to Taverna Opa with Tamara and a bunch of her friends to celebrate her 40th birthday.  I'd been wanting to go there and it didn't disappoint.  Yummy food and dancing on the table!!

Afterwards, we went to Blue Martini but the three of us left shortly after--we weren't feeling the band.

Sunday--6 miles in 56:16 Ran 41 mins (4.4 miles at 9:17 pace) then started 3:1s. Mile 1: 9:27, Mile 2: 9:15, Mile 3: 9:11, Mile 4: 9:17, Mile 5: 9:48, Mile 6: 9:15, Average Pace: 9:22

I worked in Tour Guide at the ride for 6 hours then came home and ran 6 miles.  Fun times!

Total miles this week: 13
Total miles in 2016: 80.06
Total miles: 2619.74

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