Sunday, January 17, 2016

Weekly Recap-- January 4-17, 2016

Last weekend was a big weekend, with Dopey and all, so I slacked on posting again.  But I do have to say that without a doubt, the WDW Marathon last weekend was the most fun I've had at a race--EVER!



I had another chiropractor appointment.  I do think it's helping.  We were back to school after break.  I needed more time!



Disney Marathon Weekend Expo!

 I love the Disney expos!  They always have such cute stuff!

And we picked up our race packets of course!

Thursday--WDW 5k..3.21 miles in 32:07 Dopey challenge part 1--WDW 5k. Mile 1: 9:58, Mile 2: 10:10, Mile 3: 9:54, Mile 3-3.21: 8:45, Average Pace: 9:56

We dressed as Dopey, since we were running his challenge after all.

I finally ran a whole 5k again!

We had to rush home, take a shower, and rush to work!

I had another chiropractor appointment to hopefully feel well during the big races over the weekend.

Friday--WDW 10k..6.41 miles in 1:10:34 WDW 10k Dopey Challenge Part 2. Mile 1: 10:54, Mile 2: 10:49, Mile 3: 11:13, Mile 4: 11:24, Mile 5: 11:18, Mile 6: 10:44, Mile 6-6.41: 10:29, Average Pace: 11:02

The morning started off rough.  We got parked in the Epcot parking lot and I realized I had left my bib in my bathroom at home!  I freaked out!  Luckily we always get to races early and I lived right behind the Magic Kingdom so we rushed home and back!  And still had 45 minutes until the start.  Whew!  But I was so mad at myself!

We dressed as Goofy, since ya know we ran his challenge too.

I really wish we had time to stop for pictures.  There were so many unique characters out.  At the 5k the day before, there was a cat I had  never seen.  Turned out it was the cat from Bolt.  Then at the 10k they had Rescue Rangers and Ratatouille!  But we had to rush home and then to work again.

I left halfway through the school day to attend a Cigna Blogger event!  It was so much fun!

I rushed home and got ready because my principal was retiring so there was a big party.  I met some friends beforehand at Crooked Can for a quick drink.

Saturday--WDW Half Marathon..13.36 miles in 2:35:08  WDW Half. Dopey Challenge Part 3 & Goofy Challenge part 1 complete. Mile 1: 9:25, Mile 2: 9:20, Mile 3: 11:04, Mile 4: 11:04, Mile 5: 11:04, Mile 6: 12:56, Mile 7: 10:33, Mile 8: 12:02, Mile 9: 12:19, Mile 10: 12:57, Mile 11: 13:43, Mile 12: 12:00, Mile 13: 12: 14: Mile 13-13.36: 12:53, Average Pace: 11:38

We dressed as Huey, Dewey, and Louie.

I started off alone but then Faith waited for me about halfway through and we finished together.

Later in the day I picked up Melissa and we headed to the Sparkle Skirt warehouse.  I needed a skirt for the race the next day since the one I had gotten was bothering me.  I ended up get the mermaid one  and it was so cute!  And I saw the new Princess one they're bringing out and I LOVE it!!

Sunday-- WDW Marathon...27.62 miles in 6:34:51  WDW Marathon, Dopey Challenge & Goofy Challenge complete. Had to stop my Runkeeper a few times. Garmin says 27.62 miles in 6:34:51. Stopped for soooo many pictures and rode Everest. Literally the most fun I've ever had in a race! Mile 1: 10:38, Mile 2: 11:57, Mile 3: 13:37, Mile 4: 14:41, Mile 5: 12:51, Mile 6: 16:27, Mile 7: 19:32, Mile 8: 12:46, Mile 9: 13:46, Mile 10: 13:34, Mile 11: 13:44, Mile 12: 12:49, Mile 13: 18:30, Mile 14: 18:45, Mile 15: 14:31, Mile 16: 12:38, Mile 17: 14:54, Mile 18: 13:01, Mile 19: 18:37, Mile 20: 12:16, Mile 21: 16:01, Mile 22: 14:18, Mile 23: 12:22, Mile 24: 13:23, Mile 25: 13:07, Mile 26: 15:38, Mile 27: 12:26, Mile 27-27.62: 13:05, Average Pace: 14:18

I dressed as Ariel.

This was by far my slowest marathon--by an hour.  But it was by far the most fun I've ever had at a race.  Our main goal was to ride Everest.  And we had to hit it when it was open.  So we knew we had to slow down our first half to 3 hours.  So we just played.  We stopped for a pic at every mile marker and came up with a silly saying, stopped for other pics we wanted and just had tons of fun.  And I felt great after!!

After an Epsom salt bath, shower, and quick nap, we headed back to the Magic Kingdom to get pictures with all of our medals!

Total miles this week: 50.6
Total miles in 2016: 53.6
Total miles: 2593.28



I surprisingly felt really good!  No pain or soreness at all!


Another chiropractor appointment.  I think they're really working.

Wednesday--TrampoLean Fitness class at AirHeads.

I attended the class with some Central Florida Lady Bloggers.  I was originally worried I would be too sore to attend but I was feeling great.  But holy cow.  That one class was harder than all of Dopey!  The trampolines weren't as springy as the other place so it was harder to jump on.  My calves were killing me!  But it was a blast!


I went with Faith to Ava Joy's gymnastics class and then we had dinner at Tijuana Flats.  I love that kid!


Faith and I drove home to Jacksonville since we were running the Best Damn Race the next day.  We played with the puppies some

and had dinner with my parents at Your Pie (all the cheeses!!)

Saturday--Best Damn Race Jacksonville Half Marathon...13.46 miles in 2:11:46 Best Damn Race Jacksonville. Not bad for a week after Dopey! 2nd best Half Marathon time. Mile 1: 8:33, Mile 2: 8:55, Mile 3: 9:40, Mile 4: 10:12, Mile 5: 10:12, Mile 6: 9:49, Mile 7: 9:39, Mile 8: 9:48, Mile 9: 9:43, Mile 10: 10:09, Mile 11: 10:00, Mile 12: 10:53, Mile 13: 10:00, Mile 13-13:46: 9:08, Average Pace: 9:48

I felt really good, especially since it was only a week after Dopey!  And I was surprised to see that I had gotten my second best half marathon time.

We headed back to my parents house for a quick shower and then drove back to Orlando.


Total miles this week: 13.46
Total miles in 2016: 67.06
Total miles: 2606.74


  1. You are so incredible and inspiring! Not only did you do Dopey challenge but doing it while having to work 2 of the days as well! It looks amazing. Quick question for you - how do you get invited to the Cigna blogger event? You can respond through email or FB message if that's easier :)