Tuesday, February 9, 2016

Weekly Recap- February 1-7, 2016

It was the week after a marathon, so pretty much a rest week.


We wore our Celebration Marathon shirts to school so we could send the picture to our new prinicpal..lol.


Faith and I needed a dinner splurge after our marathon and I was craving steak, so Outback it was.  And my fav little munchkin came too of course!




Kory and I tried out Melts on Main Street.  It was pretty yummy!

Saturday--Best Damn Race Safety Harbor Half Marathon...13.25 miles in 2;27:12  My half between fulls. Mile 1: 9:04, Mile 2: 10:07, Mile 3: 10:48, Mile 4: 11:35, Mile 5: 11:18, Mile 6: 11:23, Mile 7: 11:24, Mile 8: 11:33, Mile 9: 11:04, Mile 10: 11:46, Mile 11: 11:33, Mile 12: 11:52, Mile 13: 11:13, Mile 13-13.25: 9:51, Average Pace: 11:07

Last year we stayed at the hotel where the start was literally out the front door.  It was amazing.  But this year when I called to book all the cheaper rooms were already gone so we ended up canceling our reservation.  And getting up at 3:00am to drive over to the Tampa area.

This race is my current half PR but I'm nowhere near the shape I was in last year.  And since it was the weekend between our two fulls, Faith and I decided to run it together and enjoy it.

We stopped for our race tradition of McDonalds on the way back.  Then Kory and I went looking at some houses.  We saw some we like but we need to sit down and really look at our budget.


I met up with some Yelpsisterhood gals at Eastside Bistro at Avalon Park for a quick brunch before heading back home to Kory to look at more houses.  Then we went over to Ron & Kelly's to watch the Superbowl.  I had a very happy hubby that the Broncos won!

Total miles this week: 13.25
Total miles in 2016: 121.03
Total miles: 2660.71

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