Sunday, September 28, 2014

Weekly Recap- September 22-28, 2014

This week was another, wait for it...busy week.  Shocker, huh?  On Monday I met up with some friends at the Boardwalk hotel then had a softball game and dinner with the team.  On Tuesday, I had a Yelp event at Hawkers.  On Wednesday I had amazing free dinner at Eddie V's with a friend.  On Thursday I had a Fit2Run fun run.  I bailed on my Friday night plans so Kory and I could stay home and watch a movie.  Yesterday I had the 5k at Oakland Park and then dinner out with the girls.  Then today I had to work at Disney.  Whew!

Goofy training week 3:

Monday--softball.  We won this game.  I can in as a pinch runner in the second to last inning.  And then in the last inning I ran home from my own hit (from the batter after me) and then again as pinch runner.  So I got a lot of running in.

Tuesday--4 miles in 46:10 (Ran with the Ladies RUN Mornings! group.  Ran 22 mins then did 3:1s. Mile 1: 11:10, Mile 2: 11:10, Mile 3: 12:11, Mile 4: 11:41, Average Pace: 11:33)

Wednesday-- rest

Thursday-- 4 miles in 47:25 (Fit2Run Fun Run.  I ran the first 3 miles with Meghan then went back out for one on my own.  Mile 1: 11:56, Mile 2: 12:41, Mile 3: 12:30, Mile 4: 10:19, Average Pace: 11:51)


Saturday-- 5k at Oakland Park in 28:55 (I'll have a full review up soon but lets just say I got a PR and hit a sub-29 which I never saw coming.  I was just hoping for a sub-30!  Mile 1: 9:00, Mile 2: 9:01, Mile 3: 9:53, Mile 3-3.11: 7:58, Average Pace: 9:15)

Sunday-- 5 miles in 53:11 (Mile 1: 10:10, Mile 2: 9:57, Mile 3: 11:04, Mile 4: 11:03, Mile 5: 10:55, Average Pace: 10:38)

Total miles this week: 16.11
Total miles in 2014: 211.38
Total miles: 1279.37

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