Sunday, September 21, 2014

Weekly Recap- September 15-21, 2014

Another busy week!  Softball on Monday, training run on Tuesday, Dance Trance on Wednesday and Miracle Miles 15k on Saturday!  I was supposed to do a training run on Thursday but I have a bruise down the inside of my shin bone that I have no idea where it came from and I'm hoping its not a running injury so I sat it out.

Goofy training week 2:

Monday--softball.  We lost in a close game in the last inning.  I batted pretty well.  I was afraid of hitting since I struck out 3 times the week before (NEVER done that!  I have no idea what my problem was!) But this time I hit pretty well and hit one to the outfield (just barely but I'll take it) so that was good.

Tuesday-- 3 miles in 34:57 (Mile 1: 11:03, Mile 2: 12:17, Mile 3: 11:40, Average Pace: 11:40)

Wednesday--Dance Trance class.  This was a class I'd been wanting to try for a while and I really enjoyed it!  I miss dancing days.  I can't commit to a monthly schedule so I was going to buy a 10 class pass for $100 but I found a Groupon for $20!  I'm looking forward to more dancing!

Thursday--skipped my training run due to bruise--hoping its not a running injury.


Saturday--Miracle Miles 15k--9.44 miles in 1:39:05 (Mile 1: 9:46, Mile 2: 9:17, Mile 3: 10:25, Mile 4: 11:04, Mile 5: 11:04, Mile 6: 10:33, Mile 7: 10:55, Mile 8: 10:38, Mile 9: 10:59, Miles 9-9.44: 10:03, Average Pace: 10:36)


Total miles this week: 12.44
Total miles in 2014: 195.27
Total miles:1263.26

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