Sunday, October 5, 2014

Weekly Recap- September 29-October 5, 2014

Another busy week! A Yelp event on Monday, started speedwork and had drinks with a friend on Tuesday, helped at Raw Threads on Wednesday, went to paint night on Thursday, had a Yelp event at Busch Gardens on Friday (Kory went to his first event!) had a race on Saturday night, and hit up Food & Wine with friends today!

Goofy Training Week 4:

Monday--softball.  Got rained out.  Booo.  I did attend a Yelp Event at Barnie's Coffee Kitchen though!

Tuesday--4.66 miles in 53:36.  This was my first try at speedwork.  I ran 4 miles followed by 4 set of strides--20 second fast intervals followed by 2 minutes of recovery.
(Mile 1: 10:42
 Mile 2: 11:31
 Mile 3: 12:01
 Mile 4: 11:59.
0:20: 7:42
2:00: 11:19
0:20: 7:54
2:00: 12:51
0:20: 8:16
2:00: 12:14
0:20: 8:50
Overall average pace: 11:30)

Tuesday night I tried at Ravello, the new restaurant at the new Four Seasons on property with a friend.  It was yummy!

Wednesday--rest.  I helped out at the Raw Threads store in the evening.

Thursday--bailed.  I was supposed to do 6 miles followed by 4 sets of strides but unfortunately the other girls couldn't make it in the morning (and I won't run in the dark by myself) and it's still too hot out to run in the afternoon so I ended up bailing on it.

I went to a painting class with Cecille at Yes You Canvas and then Pam met up with us for dinner at Gators Dockside.  My painting didn't turn out so well.

Friday--rest.  Kory and I went to Yelp-O-Scream over at Busch Garden's Hallow-Scream.  It was Kory's first event and we were totally spoiled with front of the line access to all the haunted houses and rides!  So much fun!

Saturday--Tower of Terror 10 Miler in 1:45:05. (Mile 1: 9:20, Mile 2: 9:12, Mile 3: 9:55, Mile 4: 10:44, Mile 5: 11:11, Mile 6: 10:27, Mile 7: 10:52, Mile 8: 10:53, Mile 9: 10:49, Mile 10: 10:56, average pace: 10:27).  I was dressed up as the Queen of Hearts and Cori was one of my cards.  It was a great race!

Sunday--rest.  Kory and I hit up Food & Wine with some friends so I did get some walking in.

Total miles this week: 14.66
Total miles in 2014: 226:04
Total miles: 1294.03

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