Monday, September 8, 2014

Weekly Recap- September 1-7, 2014

I celebrated my birthday on Monday with a great day!  But for some reason, I could NOT fall asleep that night.  So at 3am, I finally messaged my group that I'd be bailing at the 5am run.  I was actually still up at 4:30 and briefly considered running but I knew I'd be exhausted.

On Saturday, I ran a 10 miler.  And while I'm not quite sure how I'm supposed to do another 16 miles (plus 13 the day before), surprisingly, my legs felt good afterward.  I have a couple of twinges and my muscles are a little tight but I'm going to keep foam rolling them & using the Trigger Point Therapy ball and hopefully they'll be okay!  I'm just so frustrated with my slow times.  At this point last year, I was running 10 milers at a 1 minute per mile faster!  I know everyone says it'll come back, but when???  It's been 2 months!

I also got new shoes this week.  Not one pair but two!  I couldn't decide between the 2.  Luckily, as part of the Fit2Run membership, you can bring shoes back within 30 days.  So the guy who helped me suggested trying both of them out.  I got the Ravenna 5s (Ravennas were the first pair I ever run in so maybe they'll be good for me again!  And while the store didn't have them, they have them in Orange & Blue.  So if they work for me, I'll be buying a pair of those online!)  And the Saucony Guide 7.  I'm wearing the Guide 6 right now and it hasn't been too bad to me.  The only problem is both shoes have a lower heel-toe drop (7.9 inches & 8 inches).  I like 10 which the Ravenna used to have.  I had Achilles problems with the Guide 6 before so we'll see if that comes back with these shoes.  Not sure what I'll do if it does!

Thursday- 4 miles in 46:02 (Mile 1: 11:02, Mile 2: 11:00, Mile 3: 12:19, Mile 4: 11:41, Average Pace: 11:30)

Saturday- 10 miles in (Mile 1: 10:28, Mile 2: 11:38, Mile 3: 11:24, Mile 4: 11:16, Mile 5: 11:20, Mile 6: 11:45, Mile 7: 11:27, Mile 8: 11:29, Mile 9: 11:42, Mile 10: 11:00, Average Pace: 11:21)

Total miles this week: 14
Total miles in 2014: 167.19
Total miles: 1235.18

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