Sunday, September 14, 2014

Weekly Recap- September 8-14, 2014

I had a busy week!  With the exception of Thursday night, I had something going on every day.  And do for most of September!

On Tuesday, I ran the Fit2Run Fun Run in Celebration with Meghan and Karen.  We followed up the run with dinner at the Celebration Town Tavern.  Even though I got poured on, it was so much fun!  We really need to do that more often!

Yesterday was the Hit and Run 5k.  I was worried that I wasn't going to like it but we got lucky with our wave and I loved it!  I'll have a review up soon!

But the scariest news--Goofy training started this week!  I still haven't decided which training plan I'm going to use--a slightly changed version of a Hal Hidgon plan or one on Runkeeper.  I do know that for now, I'm only going to do back-to-back runs every other week.  And if I'm hurting, I may drop down to only a few times.

Goofy Training Week 1

Tuesday--Fit2Run Fun Run: 3 miles in 31:05 (Mile 1: 10:05, Mile 2: 9:49, Mile 3: 11:11, Average Pace: 10:22)

Thursday-- 4 miles in 45:06 ( Mile 1: 10:06, Mile 2: 10:36, Mile 3: 12:26, Mile 4: 11:56, Average Pace: 11:16)

Saturday--Hit and Run 5k: 2.60 miles 39:45

Sunday-- 6.04 miles in 1:05:40 (Mile 1: 10:01, Mile 2: 11:19, Mile 3: 11:08, Mile 4: 10:36, Mile 5: 11:21, Mile 6: 10:56, Mile 6-6.04: 8:55, Average Pace:10:53)

Total miles this week:  15.64
Total miles in 2014: 182.83
Total miles: 1250.82

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