Monday, December 23, 2013

Weekly Recap- December 16-22, 2013

I took this week, during the week off, too so I could try to get my leg to feel better.  I knew I had a long run on Sunday--20 miles.  And I was not looking forward to it!

I drove up to Jacksonville (where my parents live and where we spend Christmas) a few days early so I could run the Zooma training run with Kristin (A Mom on the Run).  The route was only going to be 10 miles so we got there a little early to get 3 miles in before the training run started. 

The training run was set up nicely.  They had several water stations and there was a van that would come pick you up if needed.  Unfortunately, I was a little out of my league.  I've never been one of the slowest in a group before.  I'm usually right in the middle.  But in this small group, I was definitely toward the end.  And I had no idea where I was.  They gave us maps but I'm horrible with them and I spent the whole run freaking out because they were so far ahead of me and I was worried that I was going to lose sight of them and get lost.  So I felt like I was pushing it to keep them in sight and that just made me tired more quickly.  At one point I almost stopped and called my brother to come get me since he lives right there.  But I kept on going and only lost them at the very end (luckily there was one other runner coming up behind me at that point and she told me where to go).  By the time we finished those ten miles, it was getting to be way too hot, and I was in quite a bit of pain so we decided to finish up the 7 miles later that night.

So after dark, I drove to Kristin's and we ran the last 7 miles.  I felt bad because I'm so much slower than her but she kept reassuring me that it was fine.  And I'm so glad I ran with her!  I was tired and needed something to keep my mind occupied so it was nice to have someone to chat with!

I actually feel pretty okay today.  I'm a little sore, muscle-wise but nothing too bad.  I don't have any stairs here like I do at home to test it out, but my knee doesn't hurt walking and my heel doesn't hurt at all.  I do still have that weird pain shooting up my leg bone though.  It got worse after the run yesterday. 

So I got the 20 miler done.  I just hope that it counts.  I'm a little worried that since we broke it up, my body won't be ready.  But I did the 19 miler and it was fine and I know some people only do 18 so I'm hoping I'm good! 

Sunday--20 miles in 3:50:13 (Mile 1: 9:56, Mile 2: 11:41, Mile 3: 12:11, Mile 4: 10:46, Mile 5: 10:44, Mile 6: 11:02, Mile 7: 11:50, Mile 8: 10:59, Mile 9: 11:25, Mile 10: 11:29, Mile 11: 11:29, Mile 12: 14:09, Mile 13: 12:13, Mile 14: 9:58, Mile 15: 11:36, Mile 16: 11:33, Mile 17: 11:24, Mile 18: 11:50, Mile 19: 11:59, Mile 20: 11:28, average pace: 11:30)

Total miles this week: 20
Total miles in 2013: 633.49
Total miles: 1058.98


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