Friday, December 13, 2013

Race # 39- Tower of Terror 10 Miler

I was excited to run the Tower of Terror 10 Miler on October 5, 2013.  I love night races.  I'm much more of a night owl, so these are right up my alley.

We got to the race early since we hate stressing about time and we needed time to chalk our hair (it showed up so much better in Cori's hair) and put our rainbow stickers on.

I had bought one of those iphone cases that recharges your phone because I planned to watch the Florida/Arkansas football game (I never miss Gator games).  But I forgot that due to all the people around, I can never get service.  And I had to miss my game.  Boo!

But soon we were ready to go!

 Soon it was time to line up in our corral.  I was in corral D.  For some reason, Cori was in E (even though we had the same proof of time and finish time estimation) but she showed her proof at the expo and she got switched to D.  I love how the new corral timings work.  It seems that just as soon as your corral walks up, they're counting down 30 seconds until the next corral is ready to go.

Soon it was our turn!

And we were off!  I felt pretty good at the beginning.  Around mile 3, my knee started aching a little.  By mile 5 it was killing me.  At one point I stopped to get some biofreeze from the medical tent.  There were some volunteers with goopy stuff on popsicle sticks.  I scooped some up and put it on my knee--only to discover it was Vaseline!!!  Oh man.  That stuff was so slimy since I was sweaty.  Ugh!  At the next med tent, I asked before I just scooped some up.  I put it on over the Vaseline but it didn't do anything.  So I ran in pain for the last 5 miles but I wasn't about to slow down or stop!!


 I like this picture because of the stars in the background.  But for some reason, I cannot remember where it was taken.

And here's my favorite race picture of all time!  I really need to buy this one!!  We had talked about doing this before but weren't sure we could get the timing right if we were in the middle of a run.  But we saw a photographer, counted 1-2-3 and jumped!

 Even though I was in pain, I still love runDisney races.  Nothing compares to them!!

We got a new 10 Miler PR by 8 minutes and 11 seconds!  Official time was 2:04:36.  Overall, I was 3750th out of 9480 so well in the top half.  For age, I was 352nd out of 1003 (top half) and for gender I was 2013th out of 6134 (top third).  Not bad!

And some fun finishers certificates

After the race I met up with Kristin who had been watching her hubby run his first Disney race.  We chatted for a bit the Cori and I went to get some food.  My knee hurt but overall, I felt pretty good!  My back-to-back-to-back weekends of racing was done.  I had 2 weekends off before my next race!!


  1. Those stars are strange! I don't remember them at all either.

  2. Sounds like fun and I love the costumes! This is the one I'm thinking for next years as my first RunDisney event (and my first race of this length).

    1. You totally should! Last year, this was our first long race!

  3. Love your costumes, and if you don't buy that jump picture, you are crazy! Frame that baby, it's awesome!

  4. This was the most explosive and exciting race of the season, when I watched through the Steam Apk Mod app I found the competition very fierce.

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