Thursday, December 12, 2013

Tower of Terror 10 Miler Expo

I love runDisney expos.  There are always so many vendors and I can always find so many fun things to buy.  The Tower of Terror expo is smaller than the other Disney ones but still fun!

The first thing we always do is head to the runDisney merchandise area.  We have several things we have to get each race:

The "I Did It" shirt (these were tech shirts this year.  And long sleeved.  I wear the I Did It shirts just as normal clothes so I wish they were cotton and short sleeved.  Oh well)

And the necklace plus the medal for the runDisney Mickey Vinymation

Sometimes we'll get other shirts but not this time.

Then we head over to get our race race bags (if we didn't have to pick them up in the other location) followed by getting our race shirt.  I seriously dislike the runDisney race shirts.  They're unisex and even though I get the XS, it's still too big, long and boxy.  I am sooooo happy that starting with Marathon weekend, they will be doing gender specific shirts.  Anyways, here's the shirt this year (and we got a Cliff bar in the goody bag)

Then we start on one end of the vendors and make our way up and down the aisles.  Here are the goodies I got.  The peach tea Gu chomps are my fav and I have a hard time finding them, so I bought a couple.  The salted caramel Gu is another fav so I had to pick up one of those.  Then we headed over to Lasting Commemoratives to get our free art card.  We have one from every runDisney race we've run in.  We stopped by the Sweaty Bands booth.  I'd seen the mint one with the bows at the Dumbo expo and I regretted not buying it--I wanted it for the outfit I wore for the Miracle Miles 15k race.  And I loved the fireworks one and since it was on clearance, why not?  Not like I don't literally have over 25 Sweaty Bands or anything.  I love them!

We also stopped by the Raw Threads booth to chat but we had already bought the shirts we'd been wanting (oh how I love these tees and tanks!  I'm addicted to them too!!!)

We stopped by a prop of the Tower of Terror elevator to take a picture. (Notice my shirt--it was a preview of what our costumes were going to be).

When we got home, Cori noticed that we were in the race brochure!

It might be hard to see but I added an arrow for you!  I'm a big dork but it was exciting for us!

I got out all my goodies I would need for our costume the next day

Who were we going to be???

Rainbow Brite!!!  Cori made the shirts.  Aren't they amazing?!?!?  The arm warmers were actually socks that went too high so she sewed them up.  Then she got the skirt material and we sent them to Rock City Skirts and she made them for us!  I loved our costume and couldn't wait to race in them the next day!!


  1. I ran it last year, the TOT 10miler is a fun race! I'm doing the Princess 1/2 in feb. and I think I'm more excited about the expo than the race :)

  2. I can't wait either! I am so worried about it being Dumbo where they sold out of a lot of stuff that I am taking a half day (going to work the second half) so I can go to the expo in the morning!

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