Tuesday, December 17, 2013

Race # 40-- Evergreen Pumpkin 10 Miler

This year for the Walt Disney World Marathon, you had to submit a proof of time for a 10  miler race or longer.  So when Kristin (from A Mom on the Run) told me about this run, I signed up.  Plus it was on October 27, her birthday!  I was planning on using my best pace: the chORD half or this race, but since the half wasn't a true half, I knew this was going to be my only shot so I was a little nervous.

Kory, Adam, Kristin, and I headed to the race and got there pretty close to race time.  Kory was just watching so he held all of our stuff.  It was cold, so Kristin and I kept long pants on until the last minute.  And I do mean the last minute.  I'm used to Disney races where you have to be there super early and are in the corrals at least 30-45 minutes beforehand.  So when we were in line for the portapotties and I heard them say that they were about to start, I was freaking out a little.  We got into the corral with about a minute to spare.


I had been training by running the first three miles then doing my 2:1 intervals so that's what I did for this race.  Kristin and I ran together for those first 3 miles at a pretty quick pace. 

Then we said our goodbyes and she took off and I took a minute walk break.

This course is beautiful!  It's all shaded with huge gorgeous trees.  The course wasn't too crowded.  There was one out and back part that was a little congested but not bad. 

By looking at my watch, I knew my pace was pretty fast, for me.  But I was feeling good!  My knee wasn't bothering me, I wasn't that tired, it was cool and shady.  Pretty perfect race conditions.

Close to the end, I went to take a walk break.  I had about a half mile left.  I like to continue my walk breaks until about a quarter mile left and then take off sprinting.  But I met a friend.  He meant well, I know.  But he came up by me and told me I could do it.  I think he thought I was feeling exhausted and needed  motivation or something.  I told him I was okay and just taking a walk break.  He said we were too close to the end to take a walk break.  So I ran again but stopped after a minute.  And he wouldn't let me!  So by the time we got close to the finish line, I was too tired to really push it.  Oh well!  (You can see my "friend" in the finish line picture)

 My official time was 1:43:28 for a pace of 10:26.  I was really excited!  It would be a great proof of time for the marathon.

 I was 217th overall (I think they do it by gender) out of 361.  Lots of fast people!  I was 37th for my age and gender out of 56.  Not so great place-wise.  Lots of fast people running the race!

But I enjoyed it and I'd definitely do it again!


  1. Congrats!

    Love your skirt.

  2. Congrats, great time!
    sounds like a fun course.

  3. Yay! You did great!!

    I'm curious...mostly for my own knowledge as I seek to switch to Galloway running when I'm able to run again in Feb....Why do you run continuously for 3 miles before switching to the run-walk-run intervals? Really, I'm just wondering how you came up with that.

    1. I had been training to run a full 5k without stopping so I did that here before doing my intervals. Now I just run the first mile before starting. And the reason that I do that is because in a race, I find it too congested to start the walk intervals right away.

  4. Yay!! Such a fun race, I definitely want to do it again next year!

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