Wednesday, February 10, 2016

Race #101- Walt Disney World Half Marathon

Now more than halfway though the Dopey Challenge (race-wise, not mile-wise!) we were just starting the Goofy Challenge!

Faith wanted to wear her Hope Water jersey, so the two of us and Blair decided to dress up as Huey, Dewey, and Louie.

We hung out at the Hope Water tent before the race with a big group of friends.

And had some more fun in the corrals!

Soon, we were off!

Faith was running with her hubby so I was on my own which was fine with me since I love stopping for pictures.

There was a random hot air balloon on the ground.  It was cool, but I didn't really get the significance of it.

Before I knew it, I was at the Magic Kingdom tollbooth!

As I turned the corner before going into the TTC, Cori was there to greet me!  She always knows the perfect spots.

The one big hill at Disney?  Right before the Contemporary---lol  But there's some awesome music (and Mickey hands) to get you going.

And then my favorite part of some runDisney races..turning the corner on Main Street and seeing the castle. And during Marathon weekend, it still has the lights on it!  Simply magical!

And of course I have to stop for a picture in front of the castle

Around this time, Faith messaged me that she was going to wait for me at mile 7--I wasn't too far behind.  

Around mile 8.5 or so, we saw the balloon ladies heading into the Magic Kingdom.

And Sebastian had no line, so we stopped for a picture.  Turned out to be one of my favorites of the race, surprisingly.

We saw Cori again and got a group selfie

We made it to the overpass right before the Studios.  Faith was tired so she took a quick nap

And we got yelled at during one of our walk breaks and had to drop and give 10

Spaceship Earth meant we were almost done

And when we saw cheerleader Minnie right at the end, we had to stop for a picture!

Disney races are just pure fun!!

Our official time was 2:35:08.  I placed 7831 out of 21505 overall (so top half), 3370 out of 12311 for women (top third) and 603 out of 1960 in my age group (top third).  Not bad for just having fun!!

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