Sunday, February 21, 2016

Weekly Recap--February 15-21, 2016

It was Glass Slipper Challenge Week!


It was President's Day so thankfully we had a day off from school.  And Kory and I had a lunch date at Red Robin...yum!



I attended a Central Florida Lady Blogger's Event at Tijuana Flats.  We tasted some of their limited time turkey menu items!


It was Princess Half Marathon Expo time--my favorite one of the year!  There's always such cute stuff to buy!

That night we celebrated Jordan's birthday at Hagan O'Reilly's.


Saturday--Glass Slipper Challenge Part 1...Enchanted 10k..6.48 miles in 1:35:50  We stopped for so many great pictures! Mile 1: 10:32, Mile 2: 17:54, Mile 3: 14:33, Mile 4: 15:34, Mile 5: 20:42, Mile 6: 11:47, Mile 6-6.48: 10:31, Average Pace: 14:49

I met up with some DisBrides for breakfast at Ohana.  And I had to get a Princess Cupcake from the Contemporary (it said cotton candy flavored but it tasted like Funfetti--yum!)

Sunday--Glass Slipper Challenge Part 2...Princess Half Marathon. 13.42 miles in 3:06:47 No intervals today... Only stopped at water stops & long character lines. Our total moving time (so not time in line) was 2:38:57. Mile 1: 10:28, Mile 2: 10:10, Mile 3: 19:02, Mile 4: 18:33, Mile 5: 11:39, Mile 6: 12:38, Mile 7: 21:11, Mile 8: 14:21, Mile 9: 15:22, Mile 10: 11:02, Mile 11: 12:06, Mile 12: 11:26, Mile 13: 14:23, Mile 13-13.42: 11:12, Average Pace: 13:56

We stopped for so many pictures that had long  lines but it was so worth it.  And for the first time, I only stopped for those pics and at the water stops--no intervals.

Total miles this week: 19.9 miles
Total miles in 2016: 168.48
Total miles: 2708.16

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