Monday, February 22, 2016

Tijuana Flats Wants To Give You The Bird!!

Tijuana Flats is having a limited edition item this month--seasoned ground turkey!!

All of your favorites can be made with it for this month only (although hopefully it might become a permanent item in the future.)  And this Sunday, they're having a special--Turkey BOGO!!

I attended a Central Florida Lady Bloggers event there last week and got to try a bunch of yummy items!

The first item we tried was a Turkey Tostada.  It was lightly fried corn tortilla with refried beans, melted cheese, toppings, salsa, and of course--TURKEY!  

Outside of dessert, this was my favorite menu item of the night! 

Next up we tried the Mahi Tacos topped with cabbage, pico de gallo, and a southwest citrus vinaigrette. 

The mahi in it was cooked deliciously!

Next came the Blackened Chicken Flautas.  I'd been wanting to try these but always stick with my standard so I was excited!

They were perfectly crispy and I loved that it came with queso to dip in!

Our last entree item of the night was a Ground Turkey Norrito Bowl (no + burrito = norrito).

I loved their take on the bowl.

And finally--dessert.  Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough Flautas!

These are simply amazing!! I could eat the whole platter by myself if allowed!!!

We left stuffed and happy!

I learned some fun facts about Tijuana Flats--it was started in 1995 by a UCF grad and is now in 6 states!  And they have a foundation called the Just In Queso Foundation where all proceeds from the sale of each bottle of Just In Queso Hot Sauce go to.  

And another fun fact that I especially enjoy but didn't until now-- with ID, all teachers get 10% off!

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