Sunday, October 26, 2014

Weekly Recap- October 20-26, 2014

I had a busy week of running!  This weekend I had my own mini-challenge.  A 10k on Saturday and a Half Marathon on Sunday.  And I PR'd both!!

Monday--softball.  We won.  I played okay.  Struck out the first time, hit a pathetic ground ball the second time and then popped out the third time (but it was almost to the outfield and felt good.)

Tuesday--3.1 miles in 37:28.  Meghan (Meghan on the Move) and I participated in the Fit2Run Fun Run at Celebration.  Meghan rocked her run!  Mile 1: 11:04, Mile 2: 12:22, Mile 3: 12:54, Mile 3-3.1: 11:18, Average Pace: 12:05

Then we enjoyed dinner at the Tavern again.  (well, I didn't especially like the food this time but I enjoyed the company!)

Wednesday--rest.  I had a girl's night at the Melting Pot with Kelly and Chelsea.  My favorite restaurant!  Yum!

Thursday--4.79 miles in 49:57.  I was supposed to do 4 miles then 6 sets of strides (30 seconds fast followed by 2 minutes recovery) but after 3 sets, my phone stopped working and said that it was too hot and needed to cool down.  Grr!  I tried to start again when it had cooled down, but apparently the app had somehow kept running so the timing and pacing was off.
Mile 1: 9:35
Mile 2: 9:30
Mile 3: 10:58
Mile 4: 11:17
0:30: 7:15
2:00: 12:25
0:30: 7:05
2:00: 11:12
0:30: 7:21
Average Pace: 10:25

Then Meghan, Karen (Read Run Write with Kahrenheit), Pam, Cecille and I went to a Meet & Make hosted by Sarah Hearts at West Elm.  We decorated door mats.  At first I had a really hard time figuring out what I wanted to make but then I got into it.

Then we went to dinner at Duffy's Sports Grill.  I loved this place!  There were TONS of tvs and lots of food and drink choices!

Friday--rest.  Kory and I went to Aquatica.  I had been wanting to go there since it opened and since I found $8 tickets for a day that I was off, we took advantage.  Only problem--it was freezing!  It was only about 72 degrees when we got there.  And if you know me, you know I don't do the cold.  We went on most of the slides but after going up so many stairs, my legs were just barely starting to ache and since I knew I had 2(!) races in the next 2 days, I had to call it quits.  We ended up renting 2 movies.  We also hit up Burger Fi for dinner (ehh..wasn't that impressed) and then Jeremiah's for dessert (yum!)

Saturday--Celebration Rotary Club Pancake 10k.  6.28 miles in 59:48.  I ended up with a 8:32 min PR and a sub 1 hr!!  I was not expecting that at all!  I'll have my review up sometime in the future, but I'm not so happy with the race.  Mile 1: 8:50, Mile 2: 8:48, Mile 3: 9:37, Mile 4: 10:07, Mile 5: 9:56, Mile 6: 9:49, Mile 6-6.28: 9:15, Average Pace: 9:31

Then I rushed home, showered, changed and drove to Meghan's house.   We were heading up to her mom's house in Port Orange to run a half marathon the next day!  We hit packet pickup and then had some yummy seafood for dinner at  Our Deck Down Under.

Sunday--Lighthouse Loop Half Marathon.  13.19 miles in 2:20:13.  After going all out yesterday, I just wanted to survive.  But I ended up with a 1:26 min PR!!! Mile 1: 9:47, Mile 2: 9:28, Mile 3: 9:30, Mile 4: 11:11, Mile 5: 11:23, Mile 6: 10:53, Mile 7: 11:12, Mile 8: 11:10, Mile 9: 10:51, Mile 10: 11:05, Mile 11: 10:49, Mile 12: 10:51, Mile 13: 10:37, Mile 13-13.19: 8:25, Average Pace: 10:39

Meghan's mom treated us to lunch at Dustin's BBQ then we headed back home to Orlando.  I fell in love with Pepper (Meghan's dog) and Ozzie (her mom's dog) but it was so nice to see the hubby and Bella!

Total miles this week: 27.36
Total miles in 2014: 300.34
Total miles: 1368.33