Thursday, October 16, 2014

Review--Fresh Meal Plan

A couple of months ago, I signed up to try and review Fresh Meal Plan.  I hate cooking (even though I do cook) so anything I can avoid to do that, I will.  And bonus points if it's healthy!  So I was really looking forward to trying out Fresh Meal Plan.  We had a little snafu with the first delivery date but it was fixed and I was looking forward to my meals!

And I'll be honest--I wasn't too sure I would like them.  I can be kinda picky when it comes to healthy stuff so I was worried that I wouldn't like what I chose.  But I was soooo pleasantly surprised!!!

My plan included breakfast, 2 meals and 1 snack each day, and I also received a dessert tray.

Let's see what I got:

For breakfast I got Strawberry Cannoli Stuffed French Toast

Bison Egg White Wellington

Maple Bacon Omelet Waffle

For Meals I got:

Ahi-Tuna Burger Poke

Orange BBQ Bacon Chicken

Balsamic Shitake Chicken  (which I somehow forgot to take a picture of)
Lemon Chicken Piccata

Hazelnut Sunflower Turkey Breast

Chimmi Churri Skirt Steak (apparently forgot this one too)

For snacks I had:

Banana Split Parfait

Lime BBQ Shrimp Wrap

Gouda Chicken Monte Cristo

And for dessert I was sent

Turtle Cookies

Chocolate Lava Cake

Chocolate Mousse Napoleon

There was also a dessert with coconut in it, but I don't like coconut so I didn't eat it and I forgot to take a picture.

Wanna know more about Fresh Meal Plan?  Here are some fun facts!

~ FMP is the ONLY meal plan that provides top quality meats such as: Free Range Chicken, Wild Fish, Grass-Fed Bison and Natural Meats, all for under $8 a meal.
~ FMP is an extremely easy meal plan to join:
·         No long term commitments
·         No bag deposit fees
·         No hidden charges
·         Convenient WEEKLY billing

~You can bake your food in FMP’s dishes! FMP uses a BPA Bake safe container that can go into a traditional oven at 250 degrees, which keeps their members healthy inside and out.

~ FMP has a national renowned chef/owner who’s always bringing in new, innovative items to the menu. With a database over 5000 meals, you will rarely repeat a meal.  They also offer seasonal items and menus.
~FMP allows its members to have access to a weekly menu choosing exactly what they want, with the ability to add "a la carte” items if they see an item that they would like to try - without committing to a larger program.

~FMP allows for 2 meals per day, with no surcharge.

~ FMP has a broad delivery area.

~ FMP has strategic partnerships with professional teams such as the Miami Dolphins, wherein they serve as their official meal plan provider and their pre and post-game provider. Additionally, they work nutritionally with players in and out of season.  Other partners include: Orange Theory Fitness and I Am Crossfit (South Florida's largest Crossfit brand).

My overall thoughts--if I were single, this would be something I'd use.  Having to worry about feeding my hubby something other than what I'm eating would be a hassle all the time.  But I really enjoyed these meals and if all I had to look out for was myself, I'd be signing up for it.  I liked not having to grocery shop or cook (which I'm not such a huge fan of).  And as for the actual foods, there was only one that I didn't like (and that's because I'm picky).  I actually liked them more than I thought I would!

( Disclaimer:  Fresh Meal Plan provided me with the product to review but I received no compensation for this post.  As always, the opinions here are my own.)


  1. Very interesting! I feel like this would be convenient when I'm in a play and have dress rehearsal week. I might have to look into it for the future!

    1. It would be completely convenient. Unfortunately, this is a local thing. But I bet they have something like it near you!