Sunday, November 17, 2013

Weekly Recap- November 11-17, 2013

I had an absolute horrible week running wise.  On Wednesday, my whole run was just tough.  And it was only 6 miles!!!  I'm not sure if it was because I had 2 days of softball tourneys before, plus it was cold and super windy, plus I was wearing more clothes than normal.  The whole time I was running I was thinking how hard it was.  Then I got home, took a shower, and was sick for the next 24 hours.  I'm not sure if I caught a stomach virus from one of my kids or if it was the run but it was no fun.

But I know that not all runs are good so I shook it off and was confident going into today's 17 miler.  But it was horrible.  My pace was about a minute slower right from the beginning.  I was done at about mile 7.  My legs hurt.  I normally run the first mile straight then do 2:1s.  But today at mile 13, I dropped down to 1:1s.  Then I luckily had a friend meet me at mile 14 where I proceeded to drop to 1:2s.  By mile 15, I just straight walked the last 2 miles.  I'm so frustrated and mad at myself.  I was in so much pain in my knee and heel and my calf and thigh muscles were just tired and done.  My foot was hurting too.  It hurt to even walk. 

I just don't know how I'm supposed to go another 9 miles.  I really don't.  Gah

(okay, on a positive note, I hit my goal of 500 miles for the year on Wednesday.  I have now upped it to 600)

Wednesday--6 miles in 1:03:46 (Mile 1: 9:43, Mile 2: 11:16, Mile 3: 10:41, Mile 4: 10:39, Mile 5: 11:00, Mile 6: 10:30, average pace: 10:38)

Sunday--17 miles in 3:36:58 (Mile 1: 10:24, Mile 2: 11:46, Mile 3: 11:57, Mile 4: 12:04, Mile 5: 11:48, Mile 6: 11:47, Mile 7: 11:45, Mile 8: 12:05, Mile 9: 12:26, Mile 10: 12:11, Mile 11: 12:05, Mile 12: 12:21, Mile 13: 12:12, Mile 14: 13:25, Mile 15: 13:53, Mile 16: 17:11, Mile 17: 17:38, average pace: 12:46)

Total miles this week: 23
Total miles in 2013: 525.62
Total miles: 951.11


  1. Maybe for your long runs it would help to start off with the intervals?

    Don't beat yourself up over a bad week -- we all have them. Maybe it's something about 17 miles because it was my absolute worst run ever. I can't even tell you how many times I sat down and just wanted to stop running forever. I came back and ran 18 two weeks later and felt great.

    You can do it, and you will!! :)

    1. Today's run was better thank last week's short run. Hopefully the 8 miles on Thursday and 18 this weekend go well too! Thanks for the pep talk!

  2. Try not to be too hard on yourself about your bad week. If it helps, I too faced a bad week. We all have them every now and then.

    But on a positive - congrats on meeting your yearly mileage goal, and kudos to you for not stopping there and instead upping the ante!

    1. It's so hard not to get frustrated though!

      And thanks!