Saturday, November 23, 2013

September Villains Weekend--Grand 1 Yacht

Saturday night we had another special event planned--a cruise on the Grand 1 Yacht to watch the Wishes fireworks!  I was so excited!  I never thought I'd have a chance to go and here we were!

I had called earlier in the week to verify times.  But when we showed up, there was no one else around and no one in the booth.  I was a little panicky and was walking back up the front desk when my friends called and told me they had shown up.  I was given the wrong time.  Oh well!

Melissa had ordered us these cute glowing bows and necklaces--love it!

Oh and swords for the boys that made clinking sounds.  The boys had way too much fun with them.

 It was Jennifer and Charley's 2 year Anniversary so we had some surprises in store for them.

Some views inside the yacht.

And then up top...

We had a special cake for Jennifer and Charley.

 Sailing away from the Grand Floridian

 And past the Magic Kingdom

 We motored around for a bit and enjoyed our specialty drinks that we had ordered. I couldn't for the life of me remember what I had ordered but I loved it!

Silly Paul

The water parade...we had a discussion about our enjoyment (or in my case, non-enjoyment) of it


Then we parked and watched the fireworks.  The boat had the music coming from the speakers and it was a fantastic viewing location.

 SO much fun!

Then it was sadly time to return to the Grand Floridian.  But we had such a blast.  It was definitely worth it and I could see it being a great event for just a couple to do by themselves too!