Tuesday, April 14, 2015

Stitch Fix Boxes # 8 & 9

I seriously thought I had written a post about my last Stitch Fix but I guess not!  I'll do that one and the one I just got here then.

Stitch Fix Box #8

I asked for and got Stephania again!  I asked for girly things--hearts and sparkles.

Pixley Kathy Striped Fit & Flare Dress--$68

Looked cute but I have lots of black and white.

The front looked cute but I'm super self-conscious of my back because I have scoliosis.

And you could really tell in the dress.

Verdict: Returned

Daniel Rainn Allison Keyhole Detail Blouse--$64

It had hearts!!

It was super cute!  But would it fit?

It did!  It was a little sheer so I'll have to find my black tank to wear under (I think it'll look better than this white I put on).  But I loved it!

Verdict: Kept

Pixley Bixby Dot Print 3/4 Tab Sleeve Blouse-- $48

I loved this shirt!

I had pinned it, so I was glad I got it.

But it was too big--it doesn't look too bad here.

But trust me, it was.  I was so disappointed!

Verdict: Returned

Sugarlips Reba Sequined Blouse--$48

When I hung this up to take a picture, I immediately thought "hell no".

It was too boxy and the whole thing was sequined!!  But I'm a good girl and tried it on anyways.

And I ended up loving it!! It looked way better on me than on the hanger!!!  I really, really debated this one.  But I couldn't really figure where I would wear it out so I couldn't justify it.

Verdict: Returned (when I was checking out, the price was actually way lower than what it said on my receipt.  I had already packaged it up otherwise I would have changed my mind and kept it!!)

Daniel Rainn Minal Heart Print Henley Blouse--$48

More hearts!!

Looked cute hanging up!

But still just a little too big.

Verdict: Returned

The total for the box was $276 and with the discount, if I had kept everything, it would have been $192.  I think this was my favorite box by far.  If I had liked the dress more, I really think I would have talked myself into keeping everything!!

Stitch Fix Box #9

I asked for Stephania again!

Collective Concepts Reanne Cap Sleeve Polka Dot Dress-$78

I wasn't too sure about the print.

It looked cute hanging up though.

And it fit really well.  But I decided that it was more than I'd want to spend on a casual dress.

Verdict: Returned

Pixley Maggie Skirt--$58

The skirt was cute.

So cute that I have almost the exact one, but in maxi skirt form.

Verdict: Returned

Daniel Rainn Eliza Crochet Shoulder Blouse --$68

The shirt was cute.

And I really liked the color.  I paired it with the skirt.

Cute but...

Too big!

Verdict: Returned

Skies are Blue Kaia Crochet Trim Top--$54

I loved the color of the shirt.

And the dots on it.

But for some reason, it just sat weird on me.  It doesn't look bad in the pictures, but Kory agreed there was something weird about it.  And it was still too baggy.

Verdict: Returned

Fate Parson Beaded Neckline Blouse

I liked the beaded neckline.

And it looked like a tighter fit.

But it was REALLY sheer.  You can't tell here

But you can really tell when I stand in the sun.

I fixed it with a cami underneath.  And it was super cute!  It fit really well and I loved the detail on the neck!


The total was $312 and with the discount it would have been $219.  Once again, I really liked everything in the box, the fit just wasn't right.  But I'm loving the pieces that are fitting!

Did I make the right decisions?  What do you think?

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Have you used Stitch Fix?  If so, how did it work out for you?  Or are you planning on trying one?  If so, let me know how it goes.  I love seeing all the outfits!!

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