Sunday, January 4, 2015

Weekly Recap- December 29, 2014- January 4, 2015

Happy New Year!  Wow!  This year went by so fast!

 I ended the year with 527.57 miles, 19 races--7 5ks, 1 4 miler, 2 10ks, 2 15ks, 1 10 miler, 5 half marathons, and 1 marathon and PRs in almost every distance (just not the 10 miler)! Here's to an injury free 2015!

 I started 2 new challenges this week.  I am participating in the 2,015 in 2015 challenge where you can run 2,015 miles alone, in pairs, or in groups.  I am running the miles with 2 friends, Cori and Heather.

I am also *attempting* a run streak.  I'm not really sure how long I'm going to last.  Normally, I like to take the week off before a big race.  And Goofy is definitely big.  So I'm just going to run a mile every day, slooowly.  And if I feel my legs are getting tired, then I'll stop.  Also, next Monday (the day after the full), if I am hurting, I will stop too.  I'm also not quite sure about logistics of what happens when I don't get home until dark?  My complex really isn't that lit.  And then what if it's storming (not just raining which I can deal with, but lightning?)  I guess I'll come to that when I get there.

This was also my last week of Goofy training since I take this week off.  Here's hoping I'm ready--I sure don't feel like it!

Monday--2.19 miles in 23:37.  Mile 1: 10:38, Mile 2: 11:02, Mile 2-2.19: 10:25, Average Pace: 10:48

The girls in my running group have a birthday tradition.  When it's someone's birthday, we meet at Starbucks, run 2 miles and then get coffee!  It was Faith's birthday so we all celebrated!  So much fun!

  This was also my first run in almost a week, since the disastrous 20 miles.  It was just long enough to get the blood pumping again!

Tuesday-- 5.99 miles in 1:03:57.  
Mile 1: 10:23
Mile 2: 10:17
Mile 3: 10:24
Mile 4: 10:46
Mile 5: 11:13
0:30: 9:21
2:00: 11:19
0:30: 8:41
2:00: 12:25
0:30: 8:13
2:00: 12:08
0:30: 8:51
2:00: 12:05
0:30: 8:39
Average Pace: 10:41

Cori and I got our hair cut.  I got mine darkened and cut off at least 6 inches.  So nice--I really needed it!  Then hubby and I had a double date with the Goldsteins--dinner and a show.  We had dinner at BJ's Restaurant and Brewhouse.  I enjoyed a yummy mint chocolate martini with my dinner.

Then we went to see The Book of Mormon.  I'm probably the only one out there saying this, but it just wasn't my thing so I wasn't too sad we were in the very last row.  I just don't enjoy stupid humor.  But I did love seeing the new Dr. Phillips Center for the Performing Arts now that it's completed! (I got to take a tour when it was beeing built thanks to Yelp!)


I worked at Disney in the morning and then went to Cori's Pajama Jam for New Year's Eve.  We all come over dressed in our pjs, play board games, eat and drink.  But you can definitely tell our group has changed.  There were 6 kiddos under 5 there so the dynamic was completely different--still so much fun though!  Would you believe that I didn't take a single picture???  Oops!

Thursday-- 5 miles in 57:44. Mile 1: 10:25, Mile 2: 10:26, Mile 3: 11:51, Mile 4: 11:50, Mile 5: 13:09, Average Pace: 11:33

Faith and I slept in a little bit then hit the pavement for the first run of 2015.  And we had a special little guest along with us!  She was so good and so cute!

I met up with Pam and Meghan for a late lunch at Mellow Mushroom.

  Great runs and food with great friends--perfect start to the new year!!

Friday-- 1 mile in 9:47

Saturday-- 1 mile in 9:09

Then we went to Gators Dockside to watch the Gators play ECU in the Birmingham Bowl.  I was a little nervous but we actually played pretty well and won.  Toward the end of the football game, the UF/UConn basketball game started so that had both up all around the restaurant.  I was in heaven!  Too bad we lost in basketball!

Sunday--6 miles in 1:02:01  Mile 1: 10:06, Mile 2: 9:37, Mile 3: 10:14, Mile 4: 10:53, Mile 5: 10:43, Mile 6: 10:29, Average Pace: 10:20.  And with that, I was done with Goofy Challenge training!

Ugh!  Why did this feel so hard?!?!  I'm worried about next weekend!  Plus the weather says is going to be rainy and hot!  I can deal with the heat if I have to, but please no 26.2 in rain!

Total miles this week: 21.18
Total miles in 2014: 527.57
Total miles in 2015: 13
Total miles: 1608.56

2,015 in 2015 miles: 32.32


  1. Goofy is going to be GREAT! I'm a little sad I won't be doing both races but there is always next year ;)
    I'll be virtually cheering you on this weekend!! :)
    Karen @karenlovestorun

  2. You have rocked your training for Goofy! I hope to run into you this weekend. Best of luck, Andrea! And Happy New Year!

  3. How do you love the feel of the new garmin? I'm so torn because I love the options on the Forerunner 610, but the fit is terrible for women with slender wrists. I'm so fed up with the Velcro strap for women/smaller wrists because it's lone worn out.